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Issue #046, July 18th 2009

Already, we are in July.

In fact, we are even beyond the middle of July.

What happened to "Day 1 of Life in Anguilla" back in December?

That great rush of anticipation as I exited my Air Transat flight from Montreal... as I entered the arrivals gate at Princess Juliana Airport to meet my family... as we hopped on a ferry and crossed the channel while the sun was setting... as we got closer to Anguilla...

The feeling of comfort and relief to be united again with my family, paired with the excitement and curiosity for a new way of life, never really faded. Maybe that's why I have such a hard time believing that it all happened seven months ago.

These last weeks are bittersweet, trying to not think about leaving life on one of my favorite spots in the world, but anxious to start a new one as a student in another island of about the same (geographic) size, Manhattan.

It's been great fun to update my site's content and improve its look and feel. Thank you for all your kind comments! :-)

#1) Anguilla Real Estate Journal

On daily excursions around Anguilla, I have run into many Anguilla-Beaches.Com readers who ask, "What happened to the home you were building?"

Some people follow the journal very closely, waiting to see the next big step. It's not that those steps didn't happen, my Dad just got side-tracked with business and other matters. So for the longest time, we seemed to be stalled at the ground floor!

There are more updates to come, but for now here's the progress on the home that we've been living in since February...

#2) Caribbean Island Day Trips & Weekend Getaways

One of the most exciting parts of living in Anguilla is the easy access to other Caribbean islands. Traveling to the Caribbean from Montreal was always a tedious task, but now we can do it with ease. So we have started adding various Caribbean stamps in our passports. Click here to read our travels to other islands.

If you have visited other Caribbean islands, please tell me your stories by clicking here. I am so interested in different islands and I'm always looking for travel tips!

My most recent Caribbean island trip? A friend and I visited the ever enigmatic Saba island, a vertical rock in the middle of the sea that spends most days hidden in clouds.

#3) Extreme Anguilla Weather

We are currently in the midst of hurricane season, although you would never guess it (however we are in a mild tropical depression right now). The days are clear, sunny and always hot. Storms only become more of a reality in August, September and October. Last year Anguilla was hit unexpectedly!
Click here to read about last year's hurricane in Anguilla.

#4) More Caribbean Golf in Anguilla

Caribbean golf in Anguilla has reached a standstill with the global economic crisis, including an ambitious Anguilla golf project that was announced a year ago. In the meantime though, you can really enjoy the previously inaccessible scenery opened up by this golf course in its early stage of development ...
Click here to read about more Caribbean golf in Anguilla... and a wonderful new drive (car, not golf) to do.

#5) An Idyllic Day at the Beach

We returned to one of our favorite restaurants for a delightful afternoon of eating, swimming and sunning. This restaurant's calm, tranquil ambience cannot be overlooked.
Click here to read about the best way to spend a day at the beach.

#6) Summer Stays

Summer is the right time to come to Anguilla! The weather is warm, the water is warmer, the restaurants are still open, and the accommodations are affordable. My two recommendations on where to stay this summer?

Tortue Villa: A perfect vacation rental overlooking the best beach in the Caribbean. And, their prices are 10% off until November.

Klasher Apartments: Ideal for trips to Anguilla and for long-term living. The cost is only $100/night!

That is all for now.

I have less than two weeks in Anguilla, and then my family and I are hopping on a plane to take us to New York.

Everything has been taken care of, papers have been filed, dates have been made, living and studying in New York is really happening for both me and my sister this fall. My Mom and Dad are going to settle us in, and then return to Anguilla.

It is an exciting time. I have always wanted to live in the Big Apple, but I will still try to sneak in my parents' suitcase on the return flight! ;-)

Take care and enjoy your summer.

Until next time,


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