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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #047, August 1st 2009

Here we are at the end of it all. Or is it just the beginning?

In a few short hours we will be aboard the Link heading to SXM. This time, not for a day trip to the French side. We have a flight to catch. Not to St. Barts or Saba either. JFK here we come. My Mom and Dad are traveling with return tickets for September. Yuki and I are flying one way. Yep, that time has finally come. School is starting.

Seven months just flew by.

... And that was on island time!

Today is a day of mixed emotions. I will miss Anguilla, the people, the pace, beach days and rum punches. I will miss the relaxed, social evenings at various island spots and so many friends. But I'll be back. And I certainly have so much wonderful material to keep adding to the site.

Speaking of Anguilla-Beaches, it has changed and grown while I've been here. A new look and re-organization. A whole bunch of new pages and updates. Wonderful additions from so many people who follow Anguilla-Beaches. I could live here forever.

But I also love adventure. Living and studying in New York City will be a scintillating, challenging, and, I'm sure at times, trying experience. No matter my hesitations and anxieties about life in the Big Apple, I'm all in, up to experience the excitement on the horizon!

In between shedding a few tears over leaving one of my favorite islands in the world, and controlling my fear of leaving my parents to move to one of my other favorite islands, my family and I did a few last minute Anguilla must-dos...

The Best of Anguilla Sandwiches?
Anguilla is now home to many patisseries and bakeries. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Some make the best salads, other specialize in breads. But there's only one that makes one of my favorite sandwiches! Click here to read about possibly the best Anguilla sandwiches.

A St. Martin Style Bistro in Anguilla
From the talented French chefs who brought you Côté Mer, here is their delightful, daytime St. Martin style eatery in Anguilla! If you're looking for a quick bite to eat, try this roadside bistro in The Valley. Click here to read about it.

Deadly Anguilla Hikes, The Safe Shortcut
One of our favorite Anguilla hikes has long since been one of the most deadly. My Dad almost died discovering this hiking spot. The good news is it no longer has to be deadly. Click here for the safe shortcut, a brand new road.

One of The Top Seaside Spots For Lunch
This restaurant is one of our Anguilla "classics". For years we have enjoyed their dinner menu, the ambiance, the welcoming hosts... And now? They are one of the best spots for a long, casual lunch. Their seaside location is ideal, but their lunch menu is my favorite part. Don't drool too much! ;-) Click here for a tasty, lazy lunch.

Your Stories
Jennifer from Florida shared a beautiful photo and a warm account of her favorite beach in Anguilla. It's one of Anguilla's best! Click here to read about Jennifer's favorite beach.

Gary from Arizona sent an inspiring story and photo about his travels through the Caribbean. He has traveled to Saba and St. Martin, and cruised through the islands on a sailboat. What a dream! One day I hope to do something so thrilling... Click here to read his story.

Thank you so much Jennifer and Gary, and to so many others who have shared interesting stories with all the readers of

Everyone loves reading special stories, such as the ones about other Caribbean islands, fun celebrity encounters in Anguilla, and tips on Anguilla restaurants. It's always fun to check out the photos, too (I'll be adding the ability to upload more photos at one time soon).

So don't think you're boring. Everyone has a great story or three. Do tell!

Click here to share your Anguilla travel stories! Put a smile on everyone's face! :-)

Well, no putting it off...

I guess it's time to start winding down.

Suitcases are packed, doors and windows are locked. The last thing I have to do is close this laptop! ;-)

It's hard to believe how different everything will feel this time tomorrow. Concrete canyons, not beaches. Bagels, not roti. Talk & walk fast, not slow. It will be quite a change. But, as my parents say, "You're only a 3.5 hour plane ride away."

Talk to you in September,

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