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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #052, April 30th 2010

You know you are "in the clear" when the weekend forecast has a couple of 85°F days in the mix (unless, of course, you live in Montreal!). Finally, Spring has sprung in New York City. And with the promise of coming sticky streets and heavy muggy air, school has been "heating up" too!

The good news? After Spring and final exams comes sun in full form...

Summer! This summer Yuki and I are lucky enough to be heading home to our Mom and Dad and even stronger rays of summer sun in Anguilla, spending afternoon after lazy afternoon just grilling.

But before checking into JetBlue, before tearing up my school notes, and before we get into the thick of exams, there is some catching up to be done on!

First, I am very proud to present the latest addition to's Site Sponsors, Carimar Beach Club.

During this year's Spring Break, my family and I had a lovely one night stay at Carimar Beach Club. Tasteful, clean accommodations, directly on Meads Bay, and for a minimal cost. Even though we only stayed one night, the hotel's family feel caressed us, and made us feel right at home, safe and comfortable. Carimar Beach Club truly is the best value hotel you will find on Anguilla!

If you are planning an Anguilla vacation and are looking for a low-cost, high-value place to stay nothing beats Carimar. Please click here to read more about Carimar Beach Club.

What's New?

#1) An Introduction to Anguilla Vacations
Recently I have been receiving many emails asking me for a "quick list" overview of Anguilla vacations. When planning a vacation to a new spot on the globe, knowing where to start is always the challenge, and figuring out all of the "must dos" can be a daunting task. To ease the task of building a vacation plan, I have shared my "Anguilla essentials!"
Click here for an introduction to Anguilla vacations.

#2) Anguilla Activities
Over the years I have told many of our family's favorite Anguilla activities stories, from challenging Anguilla hikes, to leisurely sea kayaking, to swimming and snacking... Now, you can find all of our favorite Anguilla activities listed on one page.
Click here for my favorite Anguilla Activities.
And please click here to share your favorite Anguilla Activities. Everyone is always curious about fun things to do in Anguilla, visitors to the site love reading your tips as much as I do!

#3) Anguilla Shopping: Why Knot?
Anguilla shopping is one industry that has not really developed in Anguilla like it has in other islands like St. Barts and St. Martin, thankfully my Dad adds! ;-) Memorable Anguilla souvenirs are hard to come by, but Yuki and I have found a shop that has quickly become one of our favorites, and that carries a "must have" Anguilla souvenir that never goes out of style.
Click here for one of my favorite Anguilla shopping spots with classic Anguilla souvenirs.

Speaking of Anguilla souvenirs, if you are interested in finding more Anguilla souvenirs click here to visit my Anguilla souvenir shop! The online shop features many hard to find Anguilla souvenirs including historic Anguilla coins, flags, and other momentoes. Happy souvenir shopping!

#4) The Breakfast Challenge
Finding breakfast spots on visits to Anguilla is always work. Time and time again, our favorites have "closed for the season" to never re-open, have just stopped serving breakfast, or have shut down completely. But now, we have a new favorite breakfast location, and something tells us this one isn't going anywhere. Has the challenge been put to bed? The menu, the location, the price... Nothing beats this spot on the beach!
Click here for a mouthwatering breakfast story.

#5) Classic Caribbean Resorts
Malliouhana Anguilla resort was Anguilla's first luxury hotel, still capturing true Caribbean luxury today. It is perhaps the most fitting Anguilla resort, so secluded, peaceful, simple, yet always luxurious, and home to the most magical sunsets. Malliouhana is one of our personal favorites. Malliouhana's most gracious and kind resort manager, Bart van Deventer, invited us on a spectacular tour of this beautiful resort, and relive the magic of Malliouhana sunset drinks.
Click here to visit Malliouhana.

One last mention... Click here to visit Anguilla Beaches home page and you will notice in the top left-hand corner there is now a Facebook "Like" button. If you have Facebook, and enjoy the website, I would love to keep in touch with you through Facebook too! Just click the button to keep in touch on Facebook.

Phew! There sure was a lot of news this time!

The next few weeks will surely be busy with late nights in caffeine-fueled study sessions, but I am setting my sights on the horizon. Anguilla is in the not too distant future, and once I get home, I will have more time for not just play, but to keep you fully updated with Anguilla happenings too, so be sure to keep in touch.

I hope spring is in full bloom wherever you may be!

See you in June,

Anguilla Beaches Home Page

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