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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #034, August 4th 2006

It seemed like just seconds ago I was shouting, "School's out for summer! School's out forever!"

Oh, Alice Cooper, how you fooled me. ;-)

In just a few short weeks, it will be back to the grind.

That anxious, first-day-of-school feeling lingers around the corner... I can already smell the freshly sharpened pencils and taste the cafeteria food.


I shouldn't sound so bitter. There are still several days between this moment right here and that miserable one that marks the start of more work!

But, let's forget about that for a second. The most exciting news of all?

Tonight, yes, tonight, in a few short hours, my family and I will be off to the airport.

Tomorrow we will be in London, England!

For two years now it has been my dream to eat dry toast and get soaked head-to-toe everyday. Ha! Ha! Just kidding. It will be a beautiful trip... Harrod's, Big Ben, The London Eye, Piccadilly Circus... The excitement's too much!

Here are some pages I have done to keep you busy before I get back...

#1) The Best Way to Finish Caribbean Island Vacations
Caribbean island vacations are never complete without a special, fancy dinner. And this Anguilla restaurant certainly delivers...
Click here to read about this special meal.

#2) Viceroy's Future Caribbean Villas
Super high end Caribbean villas seem to be popping up all over Anguilla.
Here's the latest on the Viceroy development.

#3) The Hunt for Inexpensive Caribbean Dining
Our favorite restaurants in Anguilla, have always been ones that provide Caribbean dining. However, these restaurants can get pricey.
Here's an inexpensive one we recently found...

#4) An Effortless, Yet Rewarding Experience
Our Caribbean family vacations have known to be adventurous and out there with my zany Dad behind the wheel.
Here is our most recent discovery...

#5) An Addition to The Best Anguilla Villa
One of the best villas of the Caribbean has recently made a beautiful addition to their piece of paradise.
Click here to see.

#6) Our Oasis Among Caribbean Condos
Hot and tired after our customs problems, we were glad to find this most charming oasis among Caribbean condos.
Click here to read Yuki's report.

#7) Anguilla Weather... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Our family has certainly had bad luck with past vacations. But we were never disappointed with Anguilla weather...
Click here to read more.

#8) The Most Enigmatic of Villas of the Caribbean
The villas of the Caribbean aren't usually mysteries. But this one certainly has me intrigued and investigating...
Click here to find out more.

#9) Anguilla Smoothies
I've never been a big fan of smoothies, but this place on Anguilla changed my mind!
Click here to sample these smoothies...

#10) The Island's History
My Dad has never been one for museums. But for some reason, this little one that provides Anguilla history never puts him to sleep...
Click here for more information...

#11) A Wide Range of Caribbean Food
Anguilla is famous for its fine cuisine. But the question is, where do these culinary geniuses get their produce?
Click here to find out.

#12) Anguilla Boat Building
Are you in the market for the most beautiful of all boats on the sea... or on your desktop? This Anguilla boat building company is #1!
Click here to read more.

So that's all for July!

Wow! It's been a busy month... My Dad did a seminar for his business in Chicago. Guess who tagged along? Guess who got the delightful pleasure of being his personal assistant for seven days?

None other than yours truly. :-)

That's no easy work. Anyone deserves a trip to London after an experience like that. Ha! Ha! My Dad can definitely be a difficult guy!

Hope your July was more stress-free than mine. ;-)

See you next month,


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