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Do you have your Tranquilitee? 👕💗🌴


Anguilla's Iced & Easy Smoothies

I've never been a big fan of smoothies.

A couple years back they swept the nation (a.k.a. my high school).

The majority of girls in my grade raved on and on.

"They're nutritious and delicious!," some would say in a sing-songy voice.

I'd smile and nod. Not in agreement, though.

Simply to avoid more talk about these frothy drinks.

Sure they may be nutritious, but I never found smoothies particularly delicious. Don't get me wrong, they're OK, but nothing to write and rehearse a jingle about.

But things change. Sometimes, you just need the right catalyst.

Mine was a woman named Pamela Miller, owner of Iced & Easy Smoothies.

It all happened one afternoon in Anguilla, when I developed a craving for shopping. The stores were calling my name. Irie Life. Exotic Plus.

And of course, the ever charming and unique, Bartlett's!

Upon entering the cute boutique, though, I rushed past a sweet little establishment, right next door, that would change my life forever...

Iced & Easy Smoothies

Luckily, Bartlett's was the last store on the Shops To Visit list.

It hit the spot, and my Anguilla shopping craving, was met.

What I really needed now, was to relax!

Of course, anyone can tell you that drinking a cool, strawberry smoothie with your feet up after a day of bustling about the island in search of t-shirts and souvenirs, is the perfect way to kick back.

When I slowed down on my way exiting Bartlett's, I did notice the smoothie shack.

But I've always been a little bitter towards these tall drinks, as they were practically shoved down my throat all of high school.

Naturally, I'm the only one of such a weird nature, and my sister ran right up to the colorful counter and placed her order.

... And so did my Dad.

... And so did my Mom.

... And out of "peer pressure", I did too.

I clenched the clear glass, filled with strawberries and ice, and took a deep breath...

First sip, done.

Second sip, done.

Third-fourth-fifth-sixth-seventh-eighth-ninth-tenth, all gone!


Pamela Miller you are my saviour.

For her I make an exception...

Smoothies are delicious and nutritious!

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