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Anguilla History Museum Moved


The MET.

The British Museum.

The Louvre.

I know a man who, while standing on both feet, was put fast sleep in these museums.

That man, of course, is my Dad.

He's never been one for hours of strolling through stuffy, hot halls crowded with tourists, when the undiscovered world out there beckons!

But once... and only once, his attention-span made an exception.

The Heritage Collection Museum
Heritage Collection Museum

The Heritage Collection Museum is a small one, filled with interesting Anguilla artifacts from way back in the day to the time of the Arawaks. The museum definitely covers the most important of Anguilla history, including the Anguilla Revolution and the devastating hurricanes.

The curator, Colville Petty, OBE, is a wonderful man who has found a way to make the history of Anguilla interesting with stories and information, accompanied by precious artifacts.

Anguilla history

The museum was once situated on the Western end of Anguilla.

Recently, however, it moved to the East End.

You can now visit it across from the East End Pond.

The museum is open 10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Call: 497-4092 or 235-7740

Off-Season Update: From May 15th - open 10am-12pm Monday-Friday. Closes May 29th. Re-opens November.

It isn't often that my Dad takes an interest in a museum and is willing to see every exhibit.

Perhaps it is because the history of Anguilla intrigues and excites him?

Perhaps it is because the Heritage Collection Museum does not have an overwhelming number of exhibits?

While these two statements are true, it's not the real reason.

The truth?

The Heritage Collection Museum really is charming and tells the history of Anguilla in such a way that even the youngest of adults would love.

Right Dad? ;-)