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Anguilla Boat Building





These words alone, or even together, don't even begin to describe my Dad's unbelievable youthful energy and enthusiasm...

He was the kid in class who became obsessed with chess, read all the books on it, and then blew every other kid who had been playing for years, right out of their very own water.

Whenever he gets passionate about something, he takes his love to a whole new level.

Of course he'll talk about this next big fascination every nano-second of the day, and even murmur words of it in his sleep!

But what does he do even more than talk about it?... What does he do every milli-nano-second (if such a fraction of time exists!) of that day? Research, research, research.

He becomes a proud expert of his new passion!

His list of "passions" is an interesting one filled with twists and turns, complete with the likes of the game of Black Jack, golf and of course, Anguilla.

So, on another warm, lazy afternoon on Anguilla, when my Dad said, "Get in the car kids. We're going out in search of Rebel Marine," I didn't flinch.

Never had I heard of Rebel Marine before in my life. And I'm not sure why my Dad would have either, but I paid it no mind and buckled my seatbelt.

My Dad started the engine, and off we drove.

... And drove.

... And drove.

... And drove.

Now, nowhere on Anguilla takes longer than a half hour to get to! But then again, just crossing a one-lane street can take a lifetime if you manage to get lost.

And that's precisely where we were.


For the first time ever, my Dad was panic-stricken.

"It's going to close, it's going to close!"

But just when his anxiety seemed to have gotten the best of him, what was around the bend?

At Last...
Rebel Marine!

Rebel Marine Anguilla

Finally, the mystery behind Rebel Marine was about to be unveiled.

The whole eight hour car drive I had been bugging my Dad, "What is rebel marine?"

His answers were very vague and unclear.

I don't think he even knew what it really was! ;-)

But upon first glance at the establishments, I got it...

Anguilla boats
Photo Taken From: www.rebelmarine.com

Anguilla boats
Photo Taken From: www.rebelmarine.com

Anguilla boats

Rebel Marine is a company that makes boats.

It's not a clubhouse for rebellious marines.

That was my bad guess!

And then the wheels started turning in my head...

"Why are we here, Dad?... Wait... Wait!" I started putting two and two together.

"We're getting a boat?!" I squealed with excitement!

My Dad smiled, "Yep!"

We all strolled in through the workshop where men were busy building boats, and found the main office.

"Is Damien Carty here?" My Dad inquired.

And then the man himself appeared...

Anguilla Damian Carty

We had a great chat with him and he gave us the whole history of the business.

His Dad started it all back in 1980.

Today they are known as one of the best boat builders worldwide!

After a little talk, my Dad started up about the construction of boats.

All was going swimmingly, until I heard a strange question...

My Dad asked him, "And that can be shipped to us at home in Montreal?"

I thought, how in the world are they going to bring one of these ships to Canada?

And then I realized.

Yes, we are getting a boat. But not one that I can fit into.

While Damien Carty is a professional big boat maker, he has a side project... He creates beautiful model ones, as well.

Anguilla boat

Good one, Dad.

You got me!... You must have forgotten to say model boat. But I forgive you. ;-)

I couldn't help but sniffle, though.

The small-scale ones are definitely phenomenal, but Rebel Marine certainly makes some of the most beautiful boats on the sea...

Photo Courtesy Of Rebel Marine