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The Most Enigmatic Anguilla Villas


As a kid, everyone has had a neighborhood haunted house!... A dark, rather desolate premise, whose windows are painted black and lawn over-grown.

Don't think I'm about to compare Anguilla villas to such ghost-infested quarters. As far as I'm concerned, no such Anguilla villas exist.

But what about a house just as mysterious as the ones we would build in our imaginations as kids?

On Anguilla, two come to mind.

The Thai Houses
Anguilla villas

Shoal Bay East is home to two Thai houses, a 300 year old Thai House owned by the late Nik Douglas, and a replicated house. The replicated Thai House, owned by Jerry Stern, can be seen in the photograph above.

Read on for more on the mysterious and exotic, 300 year old Thai house...

Nik Douglas' Thai House

Nik Douglas' Thai House has a dark, rich and certainly mysterious appearance. It's always captivated my imagination!

A few questions lingered...

  • Who owns it?
  • How long has it been here?
  • What does it look like inside?
  • How can I get in there?

Truth be told, I was able to get answers to most of my questions.

Bob Green explains on his Anguilla news site (news.ai)...

It is over 300 years old.

[Nik Douglas] had it taken apart in Thailand (just before it was due to be destroyed to make way for modern construction) and reassembled above Shoal Bay.

In order to get an export permit and to satisfy the Thai gods he had to have a specialist from Thailand come and ensure that it was put back in exactly the same arrangement of buildings and then ritually clean it.

Talk about being attached and in love with your house!

On my checklist of mysteries to investigate of this most enigmatic Anguilla villa, I had two crossed off...

Its owner.

Its history.

From the first point I checked off spawns a new question.

Who is Nik Douglas?

I was able to dig up a little more information on Nik Douglas with the help of friends who knew Douglas, and from The Anguillian and Tantraworks.com. Here are some highlights of those two articles...

nik douglas anguilla

Courtesy of another website, PennySlinger.com, I found some photos of the interior of the villa...

Thai House
Photo Credit: PennySlinger.com

Thai House
Photo Credit: PennySlinger.com

Thai House
Photo Credit: PennySlinger.com

It's an exotic, Asian dream. I can feel the steam of green tea. I can smell the rich, mahogany wood. I can hear a gong in the distance.

At last, my mind can be at ease.

I've seen the Thai House's decor, inside. But of course, my curious mind can't rest ever.

What does the rest of this luxurious villa look like? And that ever-present, most important question of all time...

How can I peak inside?

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