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Issue #057, January 20th 2010

Is there anything worse than someone in Anguilla asking friends back home in winter, "So, how is the weather?"

So, how is the weather? ;-)

Yuki and I managed to skip the "snow storm of the century" (which they have every year). We were lucky to be on the last flight out of New York before the blizzard, landing in sunny St. Maarten four hours later.

Shortly after, we were on a flight to Anguilla from St. Maarten. This St. Maarten flight was a first for us, a real treat, highly recommended. Here is the full story.

This year we have five whole weeks in Anguilla for our winter break. Sadly, only 10 days remain. The thought of living in Anguilla and never going back to school is so tempting...

Meanwhile, here is what we have been up to... some interesting new experiences and updates on old favorites.

#1) Happy New Year!
First, and foremost, Happy New Year! Wherever you were celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful evening and best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy new year. Normally our family rings in the new year at home, with Chinese food, asleep by 1 AM. This year though, we decided "to go for it," and found a magical way to celebrate.
Here is our favorite way to ring in the new year in Anguilla.

#2 Da'Vida's New Tapas Menu
Our favorite luxury Anguilla restaurant has re-vamped their tapas menu! Inspired by Eastern flavors and spices, the Caribbean-Asian fusion is just right. It is the perfect spot for an elegant sunset snack.
Click here to read the full tapas report!

#3) Celebrities in Anguilla
Anguilla was a-buzz with celebrities this Christmas. From Ellen DeGeneres, to Paul McCartney, to Michael Jordan. They were all here! These were the celebs we caught a glimpse of...

#4) Anguilla Golf Jack Nicklaus Update
The large Jack Nicklaus luxury Anguilla golf course and resort was originally Fairmont's project, and is now underway again. This time, Jumeirah, a Dubai luxury hotel group, is taking charge of the luxury golf course and resort that will be on the island's southern shore.
Click here for the full update.

#5) Steak-Frites on the Beach
Being from the French city of Montreal, Steak-Frites (or steak and French fries) has always been one of my favorite meals, and a French staple I have missed since moving away from Montreal. But my days of longing for Steak-Frites are over! Steak-Frites exists in Anguilla!
Click here to find out where...

#6) Low-Cost, High Value Special Thursday Roast Dinners at Ferry Boat Inn
Ferry Boat Inn is one of our favorite Anguilla restaurants, and the best spot on the island for a burger. Little did we know, Ferry Boat Inn specializes in more than just burgers! Every Thursday night Ferry Boat Inn does a special, mouth-watering homemade roast. Don't miss it!
Click here for more information on Ferry Boat Inn's Thursday menu.

#7) An Anguilla-Beaches "Insider Tip!"
The island is booming at pre-recession levels. Everyone (hotel managers, agents, restaurant owners) is saying the same thing... Tons of tourists!

I happened to be talking to Lisa Webster yesterday, manager of Villa Black Pearl. She was a tad miffed over a last-second cancellation.

It was too late, she said, for anyone to be likely to book on short notice. I suggested offering it the way those "last second" offers happen, so that I could let you know about a gem of a last-second deal! She thought it was a great idea and so...

Villa Black Pearl has slashed their prices, in the high season, by 40%.

This week only: January 22-29!

Black Pearl's High Season rate is normally $1,400/night (for 1 bedroom) - $2,400/night (for 4 bedrooms). But due to its last-second availability, you can take advantage of a 40%-off rate of only $840-1,440 per night (plus the usual taxes, etc.)!

This rate is 40% off of Black Pearl's full High Season rate of $1,400-2,400 (which is mostly booked up). A great chance to live high at a reasonable cost. (I receive no commission for mentioning this.)

Hurry and contact Lisa. This deal will go fast...

264-235-4615 (mobile)
264-498-7376 (Anguilla)
954-607-3512 (USA)

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

See you next month,

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