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Anguilla Beach Lovers

Issue #038, August 25th 2007

Wow, summer has already come and gone! Well, almost. Here in Montreal there is already a bite in the air and some schools are back in session.

This season is definitely too short. We had roughly six weeks of beautiful weather at home and two weeks of sweltering heat in New York City this July. Our trip to New York City was fantastic (the highlight was meeting my favorite comic - Conan O'Brien!). But it went by too quickly, as always. I still have a couple of weeks, though, until my first day of school.

It's my first day of university, actually. This year I start university in communication studies. Talk about terrifying!

Anyway, that's not for a little while, so let's talk about something more relaxing. Anguilla!

Here's what's new...

1) Your Stories!

I recently added a brand new, exciting feature to my site that allows you to share your stories and photos with visitors to

Whether you want to share your favorite Anguilla hotels, a top new shop, or your most memorable Anguilla travel story, I would love to hear all about it and other visitors would too!

My favorite page that has this feature though, is the Anguilla Guide To Top Eats (a new page). Do you know where to go for the best baguette? The best fries? Chicken and ribs? Share your #1!

I'm super-excited about this feature, because now is not just about my family's adventures, favorite spots and so forth. It's about yours, too!

Please share your favorite stories about Anguilla with everyone. The best place to start is at this page which provides links to all the pages which offer this ability.

Besides this new feature on several pages and the Top Eats page, here's what else is new at

2) CuisinArt Resort & Spa: Our Review

This past March, my Dad let Yuki choose where to stay. So the family had a little taste of luxury Anguilla hotel living.

Click here to read our review of the CuisinArt Resort & Spa.

3) Hydroponic Gardens

One of CuisinArt's unforgettable features are the fresh produce they use in their kitchen. Their secret? They have their very own hydroponic gardens on the resort's grounds. We took a tour of the greenhouse with hydroponics expert, Dr. Howard Resh, who runs the green house at CuisinArt.

Click here to take the tour too!

4) Dune Preserve Becomes A Margaritaville Full Of Parrotheads

Last year my Dad missed Keith Richards' secret Anguilla concert. Can you guess which rock icon he missed out on this year?

Click here to read my Dad's unlucky story.

5) A Step Inside The Most Luxurious Anguilla Villa

I guess you could call March our "luxury trip" because we also got a chance to tour the most luxurious villa on the island. I managed to snap some super photos of the mansion where Brad Pitt stayed when he was on island.

Click here to read more about this high end Anguilla villa.

6) The Best Caribbean Golf

Luxury, luxury and more luxury! Anguilla is in no short supply of high end restaurants, places to stay, and now, golf courses too. The people who work at Temenos Golf Club are truly nice people and even gave us a personal tour of this sensational golf course...

Click here to see.

7) Anguilla Home Building Journal

My Dad has been updating his home-building journal. He has made a couple of trips to the island and our future home is well underway.

Ground breaking.


A funny one.

It starts in earnest.

Pouring concrete for the cistern.

He sure has learned a lot about building a home in the tropics!

Well, that pretty much sums it all up!

I'll be working on my site right up until school starts. I'm not really dreading it that much... It's all nerves... I think! ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Take care,


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