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Carter's Beach In Nova Scotia

by Sally Rodenhiser
(Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada)

This is an awesome beach in Queens County Nova Scotia. There are 3 semi circular white sand beaches with clear green caribbean waters, great for snorkelling and also the biggest sand dollars you'll ever see.

Very secluded and quiet. It's my favorite beach in Nova Scotia followed by Hirtle's and Crescent Beach in Lockport.

Nori's Reply:You just don't see that color anywhere else in the Northeast, not that I know of, in any event. Even stranger, it's only the first of the three perfect little semi-circular beaches that hold that "Caribbean turquoise,' even though there is no obvious difference in color of sand or other conditions. It's a beautiful area of Nova Scotia.

The whole south coast of Nova Scotia is spectacular. My Dad calls is the Cape Cod of the 70s... unspoiled, undiscovered, uncommercialized. The locals, largely fishermen, still live in many of their seaside homes, fiercely holding onto their land. The restaurants are still the real deal, the perfect little spots that you see in movies set in the 50s.

Our favorite beach on the South Shore is Hirtles Beach, a majestic 2-mile beach set in a peninula that juts out and orients Hirtles due south. Too cold to swim in (except for certain polar bear-types), it has five fresh water ponds that are positively balmy. Nearby Lunenberg is a UNESCO heritage town. Stop in to eat at Magnolia's, where you will eat as well as you have eaten anywhere.

Comments for Carter's Beach In Nova Scotia

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Jul 15, 2015
Campimg on carters beach
by: John C.

Can anyone tell me what the rules are for camping on Carters beach? We'd like to pitch a tent spend the day and night.

Aug 05, 2014
Loved it
by: Lynn

Beautiful beach! Pictures don't do it justice! Be sure to go tidal bore rafting while you're in Nova Scotia.

Jul 29, 2013
My New Favorite Beach
by: Ashleigh

This beach is beautiful. The reason the sand is white is because the rock around the area is granite ( giving the sand a certain sparkle other beaches in nova scotia do not have.)

The only downside to the granite sand is that granite holds onto cold temperatures. My boyfriend and i were at this beach last weekend and the water was very chilly ( unlike other beaches in halifax and surrounding areas the water is quite warm).

I'd imagine by mid august the water at Carters Beach will have warmed up. It just takes a little longer! We will be back though.

It's so relaxing and beautiful there!

Jul 14, 2013
Still the best in NS
by: Anonymous

No services at all, but a truly superb beach area in the Martimes. Well worth the effort.

Jun 12, 2013
Love Carter's!
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend took me here a year ago, & although it was cold on the day we went, I absolutely loved it!!
I plan on going back this summer!

Mar 04, 2013
Beautiful Carters Beach
by: anna

I have never been to the beach but plan to go this summer to see the beautiful white sand and the beautiful water, I also want to know if there are washrooms near by...? Thanks

Jul 16, 2012
by: Allison

Hi there!
Our family wanted to visit Carter's Beach for the day, however we found out there are no washrooms?? So where do people go nearby to use the restrooms? Are there restaurants? Can you bring your own bbq? Do you have to pay an entrance fee? Where can we call to find more information?
Thank you!

Jul 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

I need directions on how to get to Carter's beach I would love to take my 2 year old to see the clear water and white sand I'm coming from Halifax


Jun 19, 2012
I want to briing my 2 boxers to Carter's Beach
by: Anonymous

Is it allowed or do they have restrictions? of course I always bring poop bags to keep public places clean.

Nori's answer: No restrictions, except as you say... keep it clean. Leave it better than you found it!

Jun 11, 2012
Beach Regulations and Laine.ai
by: Nori Evoy

Yes, you are correct, "Anonymous." I think most people understand that you can't own the beach in most countries. Even in Malibu, where we think of movie stars owning the beach, they don't. The beach is public.

Another example, here in Anguilla... All the beaches in Anguilla are 100% public, regardless of who owns it. When you own beachfront property, you own land starting at the vegetation line. A reasonable regulation, since most people walk on the beach, not in the vegetation of bush, thorny wild roses, etc.

Problems arise, though, when ACCESS to the beach is restricted, most commonly by blocking or restricting access to a legally constituted public access point. THAT is a problem in many areas, including some points here in Anguilla. Public access points should be clearly marked and inspectors should periodically verify that they are easily reached.

A problem in Nova Scotia arises on clifftop properties. In those locations, the owner owns right to the edge. There are often public paths there, hundreds of years old. Some selfish owners actually fence off their land, blocking the path. It seems to me that they should learn how to "live locally."

Back to Carter's Beach... No one actually owns the sand inside the highwater tide mark (plus 25'). But the real estate immediately adjoining that is still a wonderful spot. No one is ever going to block that magnificent view.

And to Laine - sorry I missed your comment. We share a great deal in common regarding Nova Scotia AND Anguilla...

First, I remember and really enjoyed your passion-filled site, laine.ai. Second, we fell in love with Nova Scotia's south shore, too, so much so that we bought 8 acres of oceanfront along Hirtle's Beach, another spectacular part of Nova Scotia, right near Kingsburg and just 20 minutes from Lunenburg, a historic, UNESCO fishing village.

One day, we'd like to build a summer place there. Hope to see you in Magnolia's, in Lunenberg, one summer!

Jun 10, 2012
Just Curious
by: Anonymous

I can't see how this is privately owned.

"As a residentof the province you have the right to go on foot along the banks of any river,stream or lake, 25 feet from the high water mark."

To own this beach his land would have to totally surround it. Then it's no longer a beach.

Oct 30, 2011
Anguilla in Nova Scotia
by: Laine Parnell

How fitting to see someone else linking Nova Scotia beaches in their heart to Anguilla's. I loved Anguilla and missed it terribly until I moved to Nova Scotia! The sunrise over the sea, the morning air and the endless sky, remind me of Anguilla. My morning walk out at Prospect even smells like Anguilla (if you've been there - you know it)

Jul 31, 2011
what happened to the old boat?
by: Anonymous

What ever happened to the old ww2 boat that use to be at the far end of the beach was so sad to see it gone

May 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

are there any campgrounds near the beach?

Aug 28, 2010
All true!
by: Anonymous

Thanks--didn't know it was privately owned! BUT all of us have to stop telling people about this wondrous find so it can be kept pure! Went there last week for first time after a Liverpool resident and our host in Rose Bay recommended it, and it does live up to all the hype. But only 3 tiny sand dollars by 4pm that day...

Jul 21, 2010
Carter's Beach
by: Anonymous

It was paradise to me until I was there one time and there was a very loud and annoying jet-skier who stayed in the area and basically ruined it for me as well as for the others I imagine.

Many people are not aware, but this is a privately owned beach (owned by an American) where there is very limited parking, no camping, and no washroom facilities.

There is a tidal river that runs between the first and second beaches which is very pleasant to relax beside. Make sure, though, that you leave the area before high tide, otherwise you will be wading through the chest high, cold tidal river water to get out (if you were beyond the first beach.

The white sand, colour of the water and the sand dollars (you'll find them if you go first thing in the morning)is just wonderful. Although I no longer live in the Maritimes, I have a photograph of the beach that I look at daily. I guess it still holds a special place in my heart.

May 19, 2010
How To Get To Carter's Beach Nova Scotia
by: Joe Barnes

It's a little tricky...

Take Exit 21 off Route #3 (a great drive!), and head towars Southwest Port Mouton

Some roads are poorly or no marked, if I remember.

Once you're there, ask anyone how to get to Carter's Beach. They'll know! :-)

Joe Barnes
Halifax, Nova Scotia

May 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

Im coming from Shelburn NS ( on the 103 ), how do i get to this beach ? If someone could give me directions as i cant seem to google map it ? thanks !

Jan 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Can anyone say if tent camping is allowed at Carter's beach?

Jan 18, 2010
Most relaxing place to visit

I was born in that area and moved to the states when i was 6 years old but; I still call it my home. ( there is no place like home ) If you have never seen this beach, then you will never know what you have been missing!!!!!!!!

Aug 15, 2009
by: Sarah

Can anyone add lat and long for this beach? Kindly appreciated.

Jul 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

I visited Carters beach for the first time last week. It was a total paradise. Best way to describe it would be "heaven on earth". I did not want to return home. I can't wait to visit again.

Feb 25, 2009
Nova Scotia's Best Kept Secret !
by: Anonymous

It is a wonder of a beach for this far north.
4 parking places in total and you're right it's one of our best kept secrets here......

Jan 20, 2009
One of the best!
by: Wiles

I have been all over the Caribbean, st. lucia, anguilla, grenadines and st, martten - never have i seen a beach quite like this one. seals, porpoises and lobsters while snorkeling. really neat.

Mar 18, 2008
Caribbean of the North
by: Robert Simmons

I visited this beach last summer and I must say that this is the first beach I've seen north of Florida with this type of turquoise. All it was missing was the palm trees.


Jan 10, 2008
Our New Found Beach
by: Anonymous

This beach is beautiful, just like the beaches in Mexico or Florida. Nice white sand.. and not busy. Not a lot of parking, so not many people stop.. You will enjoy it. Oh so clean and clear. Come and see, you'll love it.

Sep 20, 2007
We Love Carter's Too!
by: Anonymous

What a fantastic coincidence, Sally. As you see on the "Best Beaches" web page, we love Hirtles Beach in Nova Scotia. And we've been to Carter's Beach and love it, too. It is the only beach that I've ever seen in Canada with Anguilla-blue water. What a small world to see Carter's Beach here! Thank you very much. Nori

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