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Anguilla For Business and Pleasure

by Roy Gumbs
(Jamaica, N.Y., USA)

My Siblings

My Siblings

This August, I returned to Anguilla. I arrived at Blowing Point via the Anguilla ferry from St. Martin, with my wife, two daughters, my nephew, Alex, and two grandchildren.

We were holidaying on St. Martin with my sister, Avis, and my niece, Dillis, but returned to the island to visit family and take care of some business.

George Washington, the best Anguilla taxi driver, was there to pick us up, as pre-arranged. He took us straight to Rendezvous, to drop off Alex, and then continued on to Lawyer Benjamin's office.

I had to finalize a few things as I am the co-executor of my father's estate on island. I recently inherited two pieces of land, so, next, I had to register them at the Land and Survey Office.

After the business was taken care of, I went off to my brother's house in the Valley. They call him the 'bruder king' but his real name is Hutson. I call him the Mayor Of The Valley.

By this time, everyone was hungry. So we found a restaurant for takeout and ate well. After eating, we talked about the old days when Anguilla was a quiet and peaceful island, and fervently hoped that it would not become over crowded like St. Martin.

A few friends dropped by and then we had to leave. We said our good-byes, after which our trusty chauffeur took us to visit my cousin, Countess in the Quarter. Our stay with her and her family was indeed too short.

She gave us some mauby, snacks for the grand kids, and some cold water.

Then, we reluctantly left for Blowing Point for our return to Orient Bay in St. Martin.

On my return to the United States, my wife's niece told us that she went to a wedding in Anguilla in May. The wedding party stayed at Rendezvous.

She said when she arrived at the hotel, she showed the manager a book entitled, 'A Dash Of Anguillian Wackiness,' and asked him if he knew where the Gumbs' were!

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Oct 29, 2010
Sounds great
by: Anonymous

Nice place for business and fun.

Aug 25, 2007
Memories of Anguilla
by: Nori

I wish I had seen Anguilla twenty years ago, but I was still a year away from being born then, Roy. It must have been something to see. I'll be sure to ask for George Washington, the best taxi driver on the island, the next time we arrive at Blowing Point. Thank you for sharing some memories and Anguilla history! Nori.

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