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Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang, Malaysia

by angerina
(Penang, Malaysia)

Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi

I suppose it is normal to love one's own beach. We live not too far from a stretch of sandy beaches and quiet seas on the northern coast of Penang, Malaysia.

It is called Batu Ferringhi (Foreigner's Rock). It is a perfect place for sea sports, sun bathing or pure relaxation.

The beach itself is very nice, as you can see, wide and sandy. The beach is kept clean, even on weekends when so many day-trippers visit.

This resort area is now lined with big hotels, tourist shops, restaurants and car and motorcycle rental offices. Not so long ago, though, Batu Ferringhi was a small fishing village. At that time, Nori, the beaches were more like Anguilla's, with few visitors. Nowadays, it can be crowded.

The big hotels offer good deals during off-season. And Batu Ferringhi offers many good restaurants, night spots and many recreation choices.

One unique feature of Batu Ferringhi is the exciting sidewalk bazaar. It happens daily from 6PM until after midnight. It is an exciting shopping experience that foreigners will find stimulating. You will hear good-fun haggling at every stall!

The road along Batu Ferringhi is 3km long. The bazaar covers more than half of that. What do you do if you are too tired to walk back, after all that haggling and shopping in the heat?

Complete your day by doing something else unique. Hail one of the many trishaws back to your air-conditioned hotel.

As a local resident, I love coming to this beach and I hope you get a chance to visit it, too, one day, Nori.


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Oct 09, 2016
Batu Ferringhi
by: Peter W

I first went to Penang in January 1974 as part of an overland journey to Australia from Europe. I stayed in the village of Batu Ferringhi which cost me $US1 or 2 dollars per night. There was one hotel at the time and a second hotel being considered.

In 1976 I returned as part of a return journey to the the Middle East where I lived and worked. This time there were three hotels, the third only having just opened. Again I stayed in the village of Batu Ferringhi.

In 1998 I had to attend a business conference in Penang and there were hotels every where you looked.

So what is Penang like in 2016 I have no Idea which means I should make anther trip. Penang will always have a special meaning to me. I hope the culture and life style of the village in Batu Ferringhi has not diminished too much.

Jun 18, 2012
Beautiful Place
by: Anonymous

I went here in 1987 and it was beautiful. Friends of mine who live in Penang have invited me back. I plan to go in 2014. The beach is beautiful and I find the people warm and friendly.


Dec 09, 2008
malaysia indeed is truly asia...
by: dechen

Batu Ferringhi Beach in Penang was the first beach that i had ever been to. I come from a landlocked country. Until my visit to Penang in September 2007 i saw seas and beaches only on TV and in movies and read about it in novels.

I always wanted to know how does it feel to be on beaches. I am glad that Batu Ferringhi Beach didn't let me down. In fact it surpassed my expectations. I can still very vividly remember walking to the beach every day and the cool sea breeze that made me feel at peace...
i hope to be visit Penang once again.

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