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"Can't Hear You, Mon!"

by Anguilla Regulars
(New York, NY)

This is an Anguilla story about some early-morning roosters, a misguided solution, and the nice and capable people in Anguilla who fixed everything...

On our second trip to Anguilla in the mid-1990's, we planned to stay again at the Sea View Guest House in Sandy Ground. We recalled from the year before that the roosters started crowing at 5AM, and sometimes earlier. Prior to returning that second year, I was pondering solutions to the early-morning wake-ups.

When we were in Florida before traveling to Anguilla, we noticed a young girl at a pool whose parents molded Silly-Putty into her ears during swimming to keep the water out. Prior to leaving Florida for Anguilla, I bought some Silly-Putty as a solution to the loud roosters at Sandy Ground...

The first night at Sandy Ground, we put the children in their beds, and I put the Silly-Putty in my ears. It worked perfectly -- I couldn't hear anything! I boasted to my wife that now I could sleep as long as I wanted!

After a few minutes that night, I became curious about how easily I would be able to remove the Silly-Putty in the morning. I tried first with my fingers...uh, oh... I could not grip the entire piece. Then I tried with tweezers, but they pinched straight through the soft putty!

Then I realized -- the heat of my ear had warmed the Silly-Putty from its firm original form into a gooey consistency that was now stuck firmly in my ear! My wife (who, by the way, was pregnant) tried to help, but could not remove anything either! And she said I kept yelling, because I could not hear the true volume!

Fortunately, due to my wife's pregnancy and the possibility of medical questions regarding that, I knew that Anguilla had a new Princess Alexandra Hospital in Stoney Ground. But now it was my self-afflicted complication that would require a visit!

I told my wife I would be back soon, and I went to Johnno's Beach Bar to get a taxi, since we had not rented a car yet. I saw that Dumpa and the AnVibes were in full swing but could barely hear them! I asked the bartender to call me a taxi, and he asked me where I needed to go. When I said the hospital, he very nicely became concerned, but I felt like a goof explaining my problem! Then he asked one of the Anguillian regulars to drive me to the hospital, which was very nice of both of them.

Upon getting to the hospital, the nurses in the emergency room giggled and then gently swabbed out the Silly-Putty with Q-Tips soaked in alcohol (didn't know that worked) and sent me back to Sandy Ground and my relieved wife. I made sure to reward the driver and hospital for their unconventional tasks!

The rest of the week was much calmer, with beautiful Anguillian people, beaches, food and hospitality -- more conventional care than the sympathetic nurses and driver had provided during my Anguillian misadventure with Silly-Putty!

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Apr 17, 2015
by: tucker

I had been Anguilla to a couple of times and it is such a beautiful place. The beaches are so beautiful, clean and the water is so clear too. There is something so special about this place which keeps on calling me back.

Aug 25, 2008
More ideas than sense!
by: Reader

He has more ideas than sense! But he got it fixed.
Conscientious guy, since he investigated the hospital for his wife's possible needs.

Feb 03, 2008
Great story about a great people
by: Anguilla fans

The question is: who is more colorful: the Anguillan heritage or this funny family?!!
Likely best to mix them!

Feb 03, 2008
funny story, funny family
by: Anguilla reader

Creative but almost catastrophic!
This family sounds like it has some great moments,
and is good at laughing at itself.
Wonder what they have done in Anguilla since then -- PLEASE SEND ANOTHER STORY!

Sep 29, 2007
What did you do then?
by: Milton D.

Greetings! Thanks for a nice laugh! Though we can laugh now, i'm sure it wasn't funny while it was happening! After getting the silly putty removed, what did you do to combat the rooster crowing? My guess is you were so happy to get past the Putty Ears that the rooster crow was music to your ears. Maybe not, huh? Great story though! milton.

Sep 19, 2007
How did they know to use alcohol?
by: Nori

What a hilarious story! I could see my Dad doing something like that. Ha ha! And I wonder how the nurses knew what to do to remove Silly Putty from ears. It makes me think that you were not the first person to do this? Thank you for a great chuckle!


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