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Carolina Beach Fort Fisher

by Lois DeWitt
(Wilmington, NC)

Carolina Beach, A mild November, 2006

Carolina Beach, A mild November, 2006

After nine years in Massachusetts, I moved down to Wilmington, North Carolina -- away from the icy, snowy winters. My Standard poodle, Charley, and I walk along the beautiful shore at Fort Fisher. It is February, sixty degrees, breezy and only a few people on this vast, beige-colored beach.

Even in the summer, it is never so crowded with tourists and surfers, that I can't take a leisurely stroll at dawn or dusk and feel peaceful and inspired by the infinity of the graying horizon.

Fort Fisher is at the end of a long peninsula which begins with the port city of Wilmington and then, going southward, narrows to the island of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and finally, Fort Fisher. There are still the odd-shaped grassy mounds of the battlements, where, at the end of the Civil War, the Northern and Southern armies met in a thunderous and furious battle which would signal the end of a long and arduous conflict.

There are rows of live oaks, stunted and twisted by the wind, into graceful, sinuous shapes. Several years ago, to stop the erosion that had been eating the beach away for decades, a revetment was built--comprised of huge rocks that guard the shoreline.

I built castles in the rust-colored sand along the St. Croix river in Minnesota. I have dined on wine and cheese on the beach with my daughter at Truro, MA. We have hiked the carriage roads and inlets at Bar Harbor, ME. I have paddled around in the green blue waters of Sanibel, FL.

But, Fort Fisher is minutes from my house and, this time of year, practically my own private beach.

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Mar 06, 2009
Video of Carolina Beach?
by: Lois DeWitt

Hi Nori,

I love your website. Can I submit a video? It sort of update my last post.

February At The Beach With Charley

Lois DeWitt

REPLY BY NORI: I love the video, Lois! Thanks so much for posting, it brings back fond childhood memories. I sure wish our dogs love the water as much as Charley does!

Nov 02, 2008
Heaven on Earth
by: Lori

We just came back from a week on Carolina Beach. This is a perfect time to soak up the sun and walk down the nearly deserted beach. My labradoodle Smudge enjoys the surf and sand as much as we do.

Aug 04, 2008
From an old friend
by: Anonymous

This is absolutely beautiful. Anne M.

Mar 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

What a great site! Thank you!

Feb 14, 2008
Sweet Carolin(a)
by: Nori

Lois, what a beautiful post. And the beach seems to stretch forever in your photo. Our family used to visit both Cape Code, Mass., and the Outer Banks every year, so I feel a connection with you. Now we visit Nova Scotia and Anguilla beaches. There's something special, mystical, peaceful about beaches. Thank you for your wonderful post.

Warm regards,

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More About Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach

by Lois DeWitt
(Wilmington, NC)

Here is an update of my ongoing love affair with Fort Fisher which is at the very end of the peninsula of Wilmington, NC.

I live only minutes away from this beautiful beach and, for most of fall and winter, it is OURS! (that is, mine and Charley's)

Here is a video link that describes our coastal love...

February At The Beach With Charley

Nori's Reply: Thank you so much Lois for the beautiful video. This beach looks spectacular... Bringing back memories of the days when my Mom, Dad, Yuki and I would hop in the car and drive straight down the coast to NC. Those were the days! Thank you so much again, Charley is a cutie too! :-)

Comments for More About Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach

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Oct 01, 2012
Serene and tranquil
by: Lynn

Dear Lois,

The video is lovely; makes me want to leave the noise, traffic and confusion of CA and relocate to Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach!

Feb 24, 2010
Wish I could be there
by: Carol Wise

My family and I have always vacationed at the Outer Banks and love NC. I am nearing retirement and am looking for a nice small beach town to retire to - looking at Carolina Beach or Oak Island.

If you have any info on either that you could share, I would love to hear from you. It sounds like you love where you live and the Fort Fisher area.

We are expecting more snow tomorrow - a record 65 inches this winter for Maryland and I am looking for a week at the beach this summer.

My email address is cbwise@atlanticbb.net

Have a good one

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