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School System In Anguilla?

by Debbie

I wondered if you could answer a couple of questions for me:

1. Are there many positions for boat captains/skippers (qualified) on the island? We own a shipping company in the UK, but are keen to relocate. My husband is a qualified ships captain but also yachtsman. (UK)

2. We have 5 young children. What is the school system like?

Many thanks

Dad's Reply: Debbie, everyone is a boat captain in Anguilla! ;-) It sounds like your husband would fit right into Anguilla. I've never seen positions open for "industrial-level" boat captains, though. Researching through the shipping industry is likely to be higher yield.

As always, and I give this advice often regardless of the type of job being sought, coming down here and meeting folks is the best way to go. Drop down to the pier at Sandy Ground and figure out who you need to meet. Worst case, you have a nice vacation. Best case, you make a contact who can help you out and keep an eye open after you leave.

The public school system is British education, but has just enough room for its own children. You'll probably be looking at private schools like Omolulu or Christian Central in Anguilla. Our daughter, Yuki, did her Grade 12 in St. Martin, at Caribbean International Academy (Canadian system). There is an American school there, too, called Learning Unlimited. Both are very good. Find the above on the Web for current fees and other info.

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Aftercare Facilities For
Children In Anguilla

by Stacy
(United States)

i am planning to relocate to Anguilla with my 8 year old. What can you say about the availability of aftercare facilities for him and the projected cost of this?

Dad's Reply Stacy, I'll assume you have all your ducks in a row and are moving down here. If not, this is a "detail" and, as discussed elsewhere in this section, there are bigger issues to settle first.

Regarding after-school care, my wife volunteers at an after-school program where she tutors children 5 and up in math and english. It's free. I don't know if every school in every part of Anguilla has a program like this.

However, this is a resourceful country where you can get a few moms together and make your own program. Ask, of course, whoever you'll be working with. (I assume you'll be working with someone, hence the need for after-school care.) Ask the school, too.

Your best bet is to come down and find out more from these and other resources. Sorry I can't be more specific. If anyone reading this has any other information, please jump in! :-)

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Children In Anguilla

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Mar 16, 2015
To volunteer at high school
by: Nori's Dad (aka "Ken")

Kelsey, that would be so generous of you. I don't know who is in charge of sports, but contact Avenella Griffith at Albena Lake.

She gives her all to that school and its students, and will point you in the right direction. Good luck and have fun!

Mar 04, 2015
Volunteering to Coach Basketball in Anguilla
by: Kelcy

Hello, I am coming to Anguilla in June and was hoping to volunteer in some way. I coach girls basketball and would love to help middle school to high school girls learn the game.

Are there places to do this? If so...who do I need to contact?

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Anguilla Schools

by Rob

I'm thinking of moving to Anguilla from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Do you have any advice on which private elementary schools are available on Anguilla (Is it just the one - The Omoulolu Institute??)

Can you enroll senior students in St Maarten private schools and get them there daily by the ferry or do they have to board?

Mom's Reply: You have two choices regarding private schools:

1) Omoululu, as you've noted, in Anguilla

2) Private school in Sint Maarten. My younger sister did this, taking the "school boat" every day for her final year of high school. There are two schools...

i) Caribbean International Academy -- Canadian curriculum

ii) Learning Unlimited -- U.S. curriculum.

Which one to choose? Come and interview all 3. It's the only way YOU can be sure which is right for your needs.

Hope this helps,

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Jan 08, 2019
Private schools
by: Megan

Nori's Reply: Thank you so much for your note, Megan! Omololu is an excellent school. I would try giving them a call at: (264) 497-5430!


Hi, we are looking for a school for our 5 children. I see that Christian Central closed in 2017. I’ve tried to contact Omololu with no responses to my emails and the website is down. Has that school also closed? Any current advice on schooling?

Kind Regards,

Apr 11, 2018
General Information
by: Riccardo

Nori's Reply: Thank you so much for your note, Riccardo. Sounds like a fabulous trip ahead! The best may be to be contact Omololu. School will not be in session in summer, but they might be able to recommend something privately. Their website is here. Wishing you a wonderful time!


I'm planning during summer, to come and visit fabulous island of Anguilla. The travel is the first step, after that i with my son, will decide if will be nice for us come there to live.
My son has 6 Years Old, and in a couple of month he will finish the first class. He goes to Italian School and he is doing course of english, but i'm sure it's not enough, step by step will be ok.
i'd like receive some information regarding your school, also if private, there is not a problem, i need to have all information, sure when we will be there we can visit and have a personal meeting.

Waiting your answer with best regards

Riccardo & Emanuele.

Aug 25, 2017
RE: Journey for students
by: Janice (Nori's Mom)

Hi Meg,

Janice here. Nori's mom. She referred your e-mail to me as our daughter attended CIA for grade 12.

Though CIA does have a dock, they do not provide the ferry service for the students of Anguilla. When my daughter attended (2008), parents organized this. As far as I know, they continue to do so.

In 2008 we were charged each day the student attended school. An example of a full monthly fee would have been June - full five days a week - USD 720. This was a per student charge.

I considered the boat safe. There are other students on the boat. At the time, besides the boat captain, there were no other adults on the boat and the older students tended to mind the younger ones.

It might be helpful to call CIA and ask for the contacts of other parents who send their children from Anguilla. You can then understand how the ferry system operates now and its cost.

Good luck with your move!

Aug 24, 2017
Journey for students between Anguilla and St Maarten
by: Meg

Hi, my husband and I are playing with the idea of moving to Anguilla for work. I have recently applied for a job and we are working through the details. We have 8-year old twins that are in 3rd grade, so I am interested in learning more about the school system. I have researched the Caribbean International Academy and I'm curious about the "school boat" that you mentioned. I noticed on the CIA website that they do have their own boat dock. Do you know if the school provides a ferry service from Anguilla to St. Maarten for students of CIA? What is the cost and travel time? Is it safe to have 8-year olds take the "school boat" alone? Sorry, just so many logistical questions racing through my mind. I truly appreciate any insight.

Thank you so much!

Jul 15, 2016
Ex-pat residents and education
by: Nori

Hello Jackie,

I understand your anxiety, but don't worry. It will all work out. Many ex-pats have faced and solved the same question.

Your options are to either send your son to the...

1) one of the local public schools

2) local private schools (Omolulu and Christian Baptist, although I'm not sure if the latter is still open)

3) St. Maarten private school.

By the time we moved here, I was already in University, going to school in New York. Yuki, though, was entering her final year of high school and went to Caribbean International Academy in St. Maarten (K-12).

It was an interesting experience for her to take a school boat (with about 7-8 others) instead of a school bus. She would have an occasional "rough sea day" instead of the "snow days" that we used to have in Canada.

Aside from that, it was basically a Canadian education. She completed the official Ontario, Canda curricumulm and then went on to F.I.T. in New York. (There is another private K-12 with an American curriculum.)

I'm sure you will find an answer that best meets your child's needs and abilities and that fits your budget. Good luck and enjoy living in Anguilla!

Warm regards!

Jul 15, 2016
Moving to Anguilla from South Africa with my 4 year old boy
by: Jackie


My name is Jackie. My sister-in-law lives and works in Anguilla. We reside in South Africa. She has a job lined up for my husband (her brother) and wants us all to move to Anguilla.

My concern is finding a "school" for my son and how we would go about doing this. We have never been overseas before and have never lived in a foreign country.


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Home Schooling and Schooling for Secondary Age Children In Anguilla

by Linda Bruce


I love your site - it is very informative. Many thanks for all the effort you have put into it.

I have read absolutely everything on it but though people have posted questions about home-education, I can't find any answers on this subject.

We are investigating a move to Anguilla. I have found out from the Govt 2011 education bill that home-education is legal though I need to confirm this is for residents as well as belongers.

What I wonder is how would our home-educated kids make friends? Our youngest would be at the private primary school for a couple of years. After that, is the island free of secondary age kids during the week because they are all being schooled either in St Martin or abroad?

I guess there are clubs as well as the Sailing club where they might meet other kids - are there? If so, what are they?

We home educate our eldest and of course in our Scottish city there is a wide home-ed community. Do you know if there are other home-edders on the island?

Any advice would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Reply by Dad

I don't know much about home education in Anguilla, I'm afraid. I'm posting this in the hope that others will, Linda.

There are public secondary schools in Anguilla. So you'll find lots of children after school hours. They seem to gather in a mall in The Valley. That's just a personal observation.

Basically, I imagine you'd find them pretty much where we used to get together after school. Some spots you'll like and some you won't. ;-)

More importantly, it may be hard to "break into" a group when you are not part of it during school hours. So clubs like the Tennis Academy, Sailing School, Basketball, etc, are likely the way to go.

Hopefully, others who read this can add to my answer.

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Dec 13, 2013
Home Schooling
by: Islander

Home schooling is governed by the new Education Act 2012. I think that's the one that's 461 pages long. I suggest you start by reading the relevant parts. You should be able to buy a copy of the Act from attorneygeneral@gov.ai or look at for free at the Public Library.

After doing that, you'll be better able to ask questions and discuss the matter with the Dept. of Education, education@gov.ai

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