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Corny Coney Island

by Roy Barker
(New York, NY, USA)

What A Scene! NOT Like Anguilla!

What A Scene! NOT Like Anguilla!

Nori, you're going to laugh at me, but I'm going to tell you about our favorite beach worldwide anyway. Coney Island! You could not have a beach more different than Anguilla beaches.

Crowded with people on the beach. Loaded with carney games and amusement park rides from the 50s. Only 45 minutes by subway from Manhattan.

But I love it.

We went there as kids and this year, 2007, is Coney Island's last. I'll take my kids there one last time before it closes.

And likely cry at the thought of them tearing it all down and replacing it with billion dollar developments.

"Progress" is inevitable, I guess. But I'll sure miss this place.

Roy Barker

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Jul 16, 2011
alot of new fun rides to enjoy nyc!
by: BrooklynCyclone1976

If you haven't been here to coney this summer your Definetly missing a great time! All the new rides,food spots,bowling alley,yes bowling alley and not to mention the new tattoo lounge where you can get a new tattoo while having a drink at the same place! And of course the beach and fireworks every weekend don't hurt.coney island is and always will be nyc funnest place to have a blast! If you ain't been here yet your missing out on big fun!

Jan 05, 2009
digging the future
by: Ferris Wheel

I disagree that this is Coney Island's last year: that is silly. The area is simply being revitalized, as it is completely run down and beat up. The place needs a face lift and the new Coney Island will probably put the place back on the map again. I went there lately and it wasn't anything special at all. I am looking forward to the new version of Coney Island. It's time for change.

Apr 02, 2008

i went 2 coney island n it was bangig dammit it was fun is hell i like =d the big chair the monkey nd all the other things and 4the BIGGEST TING I WET ON IS THE CYCLONE!!!!!!!! YEA THT WAS FUN

Dec 13, 2007
25th Street
by: Anonymous

I would alway remember, breath, live Coney Island. I recently moved, and the thought of Coney Island and the remaking of it made me sad but I know it will be for the better. Change is good! But I will always visit and support my hometown.

Aug 21, 2007
Coney Island Beach!
by: Anonymous

I've heard and seen too much of Coney island not to go! Thank you for the reminder, Roy, I can't WAIT. The first thing I'll bite into is of course, the famous hotdogs!

Aug 09, 2007
Amazing Coincidence
by: Nori

Roy, what an amazing coincidence! We spent two weeks this past July and went to Coney Island for a music festival. I must admit, I guess you had to have visited it in the 60s as a child many times with your parents to have that nostalgia. The beach was every bit as crowded and the rides and games just didn't measure up to the ones from THIS millennium. :-) But my Mom and Dad, who I suspect are closer to your age, waxed poetic about how it had NOT changed since they first visited it almost 30 years ago. I'm going to show them your page about "Corny" Coney Island. Thank you SO MUCH for writing! Nori

Aug 09, 2007
Another One From The City Who'll Miss It!
by: Veronica Till


What an unexpected choice. But you're right. Coney Island is/was a very special place to millions. Take away the people and the beach ranks right up there with any of them. But, of course, why would you want to take away the people? R.I.P. Ronnie

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