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Crowne Plaza Beach, Muscat, Oman

by Christine Roulier

I go there every 2 years.... because the Crowne Plaza has a private beach, you can swim with all privacy and though you see the town of Muscat from the sea, without being disturbed by the city... which isn't boring or noisy, at all!!

From the lawn area, overseeing the beach itself, you can see the whole of the city and the region around it.

Small beach, but very clean.... and rarely visited... My no. 1 until I find a new paradise? Been there 5 times!

Nori's Reply: Thank you for sharing this beach, Christine! This part of the world is fascinating and incredibly exotic.

The photos of beaches I've seen in both Oman and in the UAE are beautiful, the water crystal clear and so inviting.

I was really curious about this beach, so I did a little digging.

It looks like the entire beach is called Qurum Beach and that the Crowne Plaza sits above an idyllic little piece of that beach. It is virtually separated from the larger beach, protected by large rocks. The beach at Crowne Plaza looks quite private, more like a secret, sandy little cove.

The palm trees and busy Al Shati Street in the distance would surely make this beach at the Crowne Plaza even more unique.

I hope to visit those shores someday! Thank you for the picture-perfect sunset, too. :-)

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