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Family Time

by Corlean
(Seattle, WA)

Straw Hat wedding

Straw Hat wedding

I have often thought how I would spend “just one more day” on Anguilla. This is truly a special place and one that holds many firsts for me. Anguilla is where I was married almost 9 years ago. It is also the place where I was pregnant and gave birth to our first son.

Snorkeling in clear aquamarine water, playing with sea turtles as they floated by, lazing the days away on our sun washed porch and picking papayas from our backyard to snack on. No, it doesn’t get much better than that.

If I only had one day to spend on Anguilla it would be spent catching up with old friends, our island “family” and introducing our children to this amazing place.

We would certainly play on the beach, splashing in the warm water at Sandy Ground and grabbing burgers from Johnno’s then we’d sneak away to Pumphouse to listen to the island rhythms with drum beats and guitars.

We’d find our way to the Cove and meander among the wind swept treasures and take in a dive with Marjon (Anguillian Divers). Fingers crossed we’d see some spotted eagle rays and nurse sharks at Blowing Rock then head to Smokeys for an afternoon snack.

We would drive down the dusty road to Katouche (Masara), our true home away from home and hike among the vines and caves hidden in the trees and tell our oldest how we used to sit in the sand at this very spot and watch the sun set while we anxiously awaited his arrival. And how at 8 months pregnant in the heat of June the only relief I could get was floating in the blue, blue water.

We would have to drive around the island to take in all the changes during our almost 6 year absence and grab some roadside BBQ.

Our day would end at Straw Hat for an amazing meal surrounded by everyone we’ve missed and thought so often about. We would watch the sun set while we dipped our feet in the warm water and run with our babies in the soft fine sand feeling completely happy and a little heartbroken our day was coming to a close.

While packing our bags to leave there’d be a mix of joy and sadness. Joy for having this brief moment in the sun to share with our children and sadness at having to leave yet again...

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