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Fountain Beach Hotel

by Bill

We honeymooned in Dec 1992 at Fountain Beach Hotel and it was fantastic. That must've been it's heyday because the great island chef "Shamash" was cooking full time at the on site restaurant.

We ate our breakfast and dinner there, right there on the beach. Snapper for breakfast two days in a row - I was in heaven.

We liked the long stroll down to the side of Shoal Bay with the action but the quiet end was perfect for two young honeymooners.

We did have a jeep all week and made our way around to walk/swim/snorkel at MANY other beaches.

In 1992 the hotel and pool were in top shape and being run by a family from Boston. It seemed pretty new.

Can anyone post up pics of Fountain Beach Hotel from 2010 or 2011?

Nori's reply: Bill, your experience is the exactly the way I imaged that Fountain Beach Hotel must have been at its peak. What a perfect experience.

There have been rumors about it being taken over as an eco-development and there is another development supposed to be starting in the Fountain Beach area (not sure if they're related or even if accurate).

I'm afraid it's been pretty much left to Mother Nature all these years, though...

So, for now, the photos of Fountain Beach Hotel are pretty much unchanged. Here are a couple more photos.

I sure would love to see this gem restored. If you have a chance, please send in some photos of it back in its "heyday?"

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