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Anguilla Jobs

by John Albright
(New York, NY)

This "Living in Anguilla" section is interesting. I have never visited Anguilla but found your site by searching for "best Caribbean island."

I have been thinking of leaving the U.S. for a variety of reasons. Two big questions:

Are there jobs available?

What is healthcare like?

Ken's Answer

John, Anguilla is indeed "the best Caribbean island." No wonder you found Anguilla!

However, you'll have to bring your own job. Like any country, priority is given to its own citizens. If you have some unique skill, you could visit and try to find a company that would want to employ you, securing a work permit for you.

If you earn a living on your own computer, you may also be able to find a way here, although it's not easy right now. Contact Eustella Fontaine, our Anguilla attorney, for details.

And regarding Anguilla Health Care, basic health care is fine, with North American trained doctors on island. One trained at the same university and hospital that I did (McGill University in Montreal).

Here is more detailed information on medical care in Anguilla, including private health insurance.

That said, you should be in decent health when you move here. The local doctors and hospital do a good job with regular medical problems. But for life-threatening emergencies such as accidents, strokes, etc., you will be med-evac'd to Miami or Puerto Rico.

For the same reason, if you are 70 years old and have a cardiac condition, you probably would prefer to live in a major city, near a top-tier teaching hospital.

So what to do? My suggestion if you are a "typical boomer in decent health"...

I'm in my late 50's and in generally good condition. I bought private worldwide medical insurance so have access to top medical care for serious ailments.

For emergencies, I realistically take a small chance that I may not survive (in transit to Miami, for example) an emergency that I might survive, say, if I was living in a major European or American city. (Of course, some conditions are better not survived!)

But, then again, I may not have survived living in Canada much longer. That cold weather led to frequency illnesses and 7 months of winter was getting pretty darn depressing.

All in all, I'm healthier here. And happier. :-)

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Oct 21, 2017
Registered General Nurse Jobs
by: Kaye

Are there job opportunities for registered nurses on the island?

Oct 18, 2016
Job opportunities in Anguilla for Massage Therapist or Sports Trainer?
by: Bridget Gomillion

Any job opportunities in the health and wellness field available?
I am a Medical Board Licensed Massage Therapist as well as American College Sports Medicine Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

If you know of anyone I can forward my resume to please contact me.

Willing to do in home consultations/sessions.

May 06, 2016
Physicians Needed?
by: Dr. John

I am a Board-Certified Family Physician, interested in whether there are jobs for American physicians on the island.

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Job Listings in Anguilla

by Jeff and Alice

We are UK citizens that are interested in relocating to Anguilla. Could you recommend any sites or newspapers that list job opportunities there?

Thanks a lot!

Jeff and Alice

Reply From Dad:

The Government of Anguilla does list its job openings. Aside from that, there are no sites that list jobs available in Anguilla.

The Labor Department, which is in The Valley, does have a bulletin board with job openings tacked to it. As in most countries, though, employment is generally "Anguillians-first," especially in the current economy.

If you have a unique skill for a job opening (one that no Anguillian can fill), you could get a job in Anguilla. Your potential employer would normally help you get the necessary work permit.

The Catch-22, of course, is how you can you know about these openings unless you are here? Right now, there is no site that pulls all openings into one spot on the Web.

You could do a search at Google for "job listings in anguilla" (Viceroy current shows come openings) or "jobs in Anguilla." You will find some sites with job listings in various Caribbean countries, including Anguilla.

Or do similar searches for "jobs in" any specific business in Anguilla that you may be thinking about (ex., hotels, restaurants, etc).

LinkedIn may also be of help.

Overall, though, your best approach is to have your own job, one that is mobile (i.e., you work through your laptop). Here is a page that discusses "mobile workers" in Anguilla. And, of course, you could always start your own business in Anguilla.

Hope this helps!

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Oct 19, 2014
Dental Nurse Positions
by: Nori

Hello Leah,

We would not know whether there are particular jobs available at any given time. But you could check with the Dental Health Unit (Google it). Also, there is other information about various authorities to contact elsewhere (in this section of the site),

If there is a need and if there is no Anguillian who can do any particular job, your chances will be good.

Good luck in your hunt!


Oct 19, 2014
Dental Nurse Needed in Anguilla?
by: Leah Alice

Good Day , i am i fully qualified dental nurse and have been nursing for several years. I am based in the UK,

I had hopes of moving to Bermuda with my 'ex' partner. He is there now, so I am looking elsewhere.

Would there be any dental nurse jobs out there? Any help and advice would be great.

Thank you.


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Jobs In Anguilla

by S. Smith
(US Virgin Island)

With the economy as such, what are job options like in Anguilla?

I'm currently employed at a public utility company making $37k.

Ken's ReplyYou must be ready to provide your own job here in Anguilla. If a job can be performed by an Anguillian, as in most countries around the world, you won't be given a work permit for that Anguillian job.

And, right now, given the global recession, there are not enough jobs to go around, I'm afraid. So... hold onto your job.

But do come by and say hello. Anguilla is a great place to play, not just to work! :-)

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Aug 10, 2014
Dentists? Check with local health authorities.
by: Ken (AKA Nori's Dad)

Stephanie, the best advice I can give you is to check with the Anguilla Health Authority (see link elsewhere on this page).

There are a few general dentists on island full-time. Specialists come in on a regular basis (the population is not large enough to support them full-time).

Chances are that we have enough Anguillian dentists, so would not accept applications from foreign professionals. That's the general rule.

But it never hurts to ask.

Another approach is to contact a local dental clinic and ask if they could use some help. Again, you never know -- if someone here wants to reduce their hours, they may be willing to sponsor you for a work permit.

Hope that helps a little?

Aug 07, 2014
Dentistry in Anguilla?
by: Stephanie

Hi there!

Thanks for your great website, it is very informative. My questions are very specific and I haven't been able to find much info at all, so I was hoping that you could help!

My husband is considering studying medicine at St.James in Anguilla in a couple years after I graduate. I am 18 months away from finishing my doctor of dental surgery degree and getting licensed as a Canadian dentist.

If we choose to move, I will have to find a job. Do you know what the licensing/regulation body is for dentists in Anguilla? How many dental offices are on the island and is there a need for more dentists?

Would dentistry count as a "special skill" that a local may not be able to do this granting me a work permit? Do dentists make a good living in the Caribbean and would I be able to supporty husband and eventually kids for a few years in Anguilla?

Any other possible problems you think I would encounter trying to secure work in Anguilla?

Thanks so much!

Oct 02, 2013
by: Angel

Is there a position for someone who has an occupational safety and health degree??

Jan 24, 2013
Physical Therapists Needed?
by: Ken (Dad)

Check with the Anguilla Health Authority (see link elsewhere on this page). All the best, Ken

Jan 23, 2013
Job in Anguilla
by: Anonymous

I am Foreign Trained Physical Therapist living in West Palm Beach Florida. I am looking to move to Anguilla and was wondering how I would go about finding information on any Physical Therapy jobs on the Island. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..

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Anguilla Jobs - Opportunities?

by Jimena

How can I get a job in Anguilla?

I'm from Ecuador, originally. My sister just graduated as a chef in Argentina,

I would love to get a job in Anguilla for her.

Will you please provide me with some names of agencies or newspapers (classifieds), where I can search for a job.

Ken's Reply: Please see the home page of Living in Anguilla for general information on Anguilla jobs.

In general, if a job can be done by an Anguillian, you won't be given a work permit which means you can't get an Anguilla job. Also, there are not enough Anguilla jobs to go around, given the current recession.

So it's not the easiest challenge to overcome.

That said, Anguilla looks like it's heading for a strong 2010-2011 tourist season. And it sounds like your sister has a unique skill, an Argentinean chef.

You might want to take a classified ad in The Anguillian, Anguilla's newspaper. Or contact Anguilla restaurants directly.

You never know. If you find a restaurant that needs your sister's skill, they may apply for a work permit for her. Or an Anguillian might see the ad and want to start a restaurant with your sister -- hey, I'd love to see a great Argentinean steak house here. ;-)

I don't know of any job agencies in Anguilla, sorry.

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Jul 14, 2015
How to Reach the Labour Department
by: Nori

That woud depend on what type of job you are seeking, if your skill is in demand, and whether Anguilla is unable to fill it with an Anguillian. Contact the Anguilla Labour Department at...

P.O. Box 60
James Ronald Webster Building Second floor
The Valley, Anguilla
Telephone: 264 497 3511
Fax: 264 497 8317

Best of luck, Keandra!

Jul 14, 2015
Engineering/Teaching Jobs
by: Kendra

I am from the Caribbean, I have a degree in engineering as well as certification in education and training among others. What are my chances of getting a job in Anguilla

Nov 14, 2011
Marine Business In Anguilla
by: Dad Evoy

Yes, not much marine repair going on when all is ice, I'd imagine!

I'm sure the Anguilla government would entertain any business that will provide employment for Anguillians.

That said, St. Martin/Maarten is THE center for marine repair in the Caribbean. Pretty stiff competition.

But perhaps you have a vision that I don't see. C'mon down to Anguilla with a business plan and pitch your idea, DWW!

Nov 14, 2011
Marine tech
by: Dwwcanada

I go to St. Martin every year for the last 10 years, visit Anguila once in a while. What are the chances in starting a marine repair business? Being on Canada the repair service comes to a crawl during the winter months.

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Needs For Medical Services In Anguilla?

by Christiaan

Can you tell me if Anguilla needs doctors?

I am a medical doctor in Alberta, Canada and work in a well established Group practice.

I am doing quite well here, but am considering a warmer climate for some time in the winter. I have colleagues here, too, who might also be interested.

Is there a win-win scenario possible here?

Dad's Reply

Anguilla has an adequate supply of family doctors.

We do need specialists here, but the population of Anguilla is not large enough to support them. So they generally come to Anguilla on a periodic basis (ex., once per month), for a day or 2, during which time all patients for that specialist are booked.

For more information, contact my good friend (and our family doctor), Dr. Clyde Bryan. Dr. Bryan went to McGill Med School and trained at the Jewish General Hospital, one of Montreal's best hospitals.

Curiously, although I worked at the JGH for many years, I only met Dr. Bryan here in Anguilla! But that's another story.

He is located in the Atlantic Star Center (anguillamed.com). Their phone number: 264 497-0765

Anguilla is a wonder place to live, by the way. I woke up this morning (Jan 9) to a blue sky, waves, warm weather and a trade wind breezing over me. I'm doing a little computer work now, but will go shortly for an afternoon BBQ at one of our favorite restaurant/beach combinations for the afternoon.

It sure beats Canada's weather. As I told my wife Janice after watering my cactus collection (hasn't rained for a while now, so they needed it!), "I don't think we'll ever get used to this."

You are also more freehere. Much less regulated, near-zero taxes, and so on.

If we want a change of scenery, the "French Riviera in the Caribbean," St. Martin is a 20 minute ferry away. Great shopping and eating.

And non-stop flights from the Dutch side, St. Maarten, will take you to Paris, Panama City, San Juan, Miami and many American cities (if you ever need a dose of city living).

So your instincts are good. I do suggest you call Dr. Bryan (tell him I suggested it).

I hope it works out for you. :-)

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Foreign Doctor Job or Practice in Anguilla?

by Dr. Joel Trazo
(Suva, Fiji)

I am a medical (GP) doctor, graduated from the Philippines and currently based in Fiji. I'd like to know if I can work in Anguilla local health authority or establish a medical practice in Anguilla.

I have 25 years of practice, 58 years old, male, still active in playing and coaching tennis and singing as pastime.

Dr. Joel Trazo

Reply by Ken: The best way to find out current physician needs is to...

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Nurse Practitioners in Anguilla?

by Sher

I am definitely thinking of living in Anguilla in the near future. I am a Registered Nurse in the US studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (EXCITING :)) ), and was wondering if you knew of any such person (s) on the island.

I would definitely love to talk with someone to know if there is a need for nurse practitioners on the island, general information about how Nurse practitioners function in Anguilla (ex., whether they are able to own their practice or would need to work along with a Physician).


Reply by Ken: Sher, this one has me baffled. I don't know the status of Nurse Practitioners in Anguilla.

It would be best to talk with either Lowell Hughes (Hughes Medical Center), Clyde Bryan (Atlantic Star Medical Center) or the Princess Alexandria Hospital.

Here is some information on health care in Anguilla (including contact information for the above resources).

Best of luck!

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Teaching in Anguilla

by Tammy P.

I am a middle school teacher with a Master's degree but certified to teach any grade K-8 in the United States.

Are teachers in demand in Anguilla and at what salary?

Also, how expensive are the private schools?

Janice's Answer Tammy, I volunteer at an after-school program (Blowing Point Youth Center) to provide Anguillian children with supplemental teaching. So Ken gave this one to me. :-)

I asked friend who is the Permanent Secretary for Education. She told that Anguilla does not currently have any teaching
vacancies. If some occur, they usually arise closer to the end of the school year.

She added that "Anguilla does need teachers in the technical and vocational areas here in Anguilla."

Sorry, but there does seem to be much need of teachers. If you have vocational and technical teaching abilities, you may have an opportunity. Contact the Ministry of Education.

Hope this helps. In general, most jobs that can be done by Anguillians, are done by Anguillians. Specialized work would be an exception, of course.

If you have mobile skills that enable you to earn income remotely while living here, that may be a good possibility.

Hope this helps, but I'm afraid this may not be what you wanted to hear.

Oh yes...

Just to make you feel a little better... You would not consider the salary to be very good, compared to US salaries. Omolulu and Christian Baptist are the only private schools. Contact them directly for up-to-date fee information.

Some children also go to private school in St. Martin, taking the boat each way, each day. Our younger daughter, Yuki, did that. It was expensive, but an excellent experience.

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Plumber from England

by Mike K.
(Manchester, England)


I am a plumber from England and I would love to live in Anguilla. How hard would it be for me to do so?

Thanking you in advance for any advice you may have,

Mike K.

Answer from Ken

Wouldn't you know it? This is the first question about living in Anguilla and I don't know the answer! I'll do my best to share my experience, though.

Like most countries, if your immigration is going to result in you taking the job of someone who can already provide that service, you'll have more trouble. So if you lived in any other country in the world, I would say that it's going to be tough for you to live in Anguilla.

However, Anguilla is an Overseas Territory of the U.K. And you are an English citizen, I assume. I don't know how mobile that makes you in terms of moving here.

Check with our attorney, Eustella (see above). Or, if anyone else reads this and knows the answer, please pitch in and give Mike a hand.

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Mar 28, 2013
by: Jack

Hi, I have been looking for a website for possible employment within Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport as an aircraft mechanical engineer/maintainer but there doesn't seem to be anyone I can contact? I have just read this blog and it is apparent that the opportunities are slim but as a shot in the dark would anyone know someone I could contact just to see if there is a space I could fill? I am a British citizen ex-military (Royal Navy)Aircraft engineer (5 yrs). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jack Wilkinson.

Apr 02, 2010
Living In Anguilla is a WIN for Anguilla Too
by: Bart

I may be wrong, but upon re-reading the page, I have to say that I believe that the point of the Web page is bigger than your comment.

The plumber is likely stuck unless there is some sort of special provision for British nationals.

But the BI point that is being made by "Dad," it would seem, is that there is a tremendous opportunity for Anguilla to benefit by marketing and encouraging and facilitating their entry.

The point is that Anguilla has much to gain, with very little risk if properly implemented.

New Jersey

Apr 02, 2010
Working in Anguilla
by: Steve ("Rastefan")

The Anguillian government rules that non-residents (non-belongers) cannot work in Anguilla unless they can provide a service that a local cannot. In a nutshell, getting a job here is difficult. Also; anyone considering living in Anguilla must prove they have the means to sustain themselves and it's a lengthy process.

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Financial Services in Anguilla

by Jason

I'm a British National with Specialist IT skills in SAS and SQL Business Intelligence Development within the Financial Services Industry.

I have seen that there is an off-shore financial services industry on the island. Does this market still exist due to the recent global economy, if so, how large and what companies?

Also, what visa/work permit would I need as a British National, if any?

Reply by Dad: This industry is in flux due to U.S. FACTA legislation, with similar legislation to come from the U.K., as well as ongoing invasion of privacy by governments around the world.

According to the Financial Services Commission, there appears to be no job opportunities available at this time. You can check their website here.

Your skills sound rather specialized, though. I suggest contacting Steve Garlick, CEO of Anguilla Finance.

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Need for Anguilla Probation Job?

by Fiona
(Leeds, UK)

I would like to move and live in Anguillia. I wil have a masters come next summer in Criminlology and youth and commuity.

Is there scope for a job there for me in the probation service?

Reply by Ken: Probably not. These jobs are usually taken by Anguillians. But your specific area of expertise may be an exception.

Check with the Anguilla Probation Department.

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Nov 30, 2014
Research and Meet
by: Nori's Dad

Hello J.,

As always, it's best to come down and meet with the right people, which means the appropriate person in any given field and the corresponding government authority.

I do not know who those people are at the moment. But it's simple enough to call the hospital and ask to speak to the head of nursing. Do the same for the health authority.

I would also recommend that you FIRST talk to Dr. Clyde Bryan and Dr. Lowell Hughes (both are covered elsewhere on this site), to find out more about the nursing situation. As a former physician myself, and knowing both of these men well, they could be a good source of information for you.

It is unlikely that they'd have an opening at their clincis, but you never know (and that would not really be your primary goal). Both are honest and excellent, really caring about the quality of medical care. With that background information before arriving here...

Set up appointments to discuss what you have to offer Anguilla during your physical meetings. Remember that when an Anguilian can do the job, foreigners will be out of luck. That's true for most countries. So I would recommend that you focus on your teaching and training abilities.

Best of luck to you!


P.S. Hopefully, this approach will help others with similar questions, except in other fields. It is a good, generic approach to "scope out" your chances here.

Nov 29, 2014
Nursing Jobs in Anguilla?
by: J.

Hello I am a 40-year-old registered nurse living in British Columbia, Canada. I also teach nursing although I do not have a Masters degree.

I do hold my bachelor of nursing degree and have been nursing for close to 20 years in a variety of areas. We are wanting to relocate to Anguilla, are there jobs there for registered nurses?

What would be the requirements to move and practice there? What are the salary/expected wages there?

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