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Magnificent Sands

by Gary Parker
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

I never get tired of it. That first morning view of the cobalt blue waters washing over the brilliant white sands of Shoal Bay beach.

That's the first stage of my relaxing regimen. Then the moment I wait for: the feel of my feet sinking into the softest, squishiest, talcum powder sands of my favourite beach in the entire world. AHHHH.

Lying down on a beach lounger, soaking in the sites and the hot sun. Waves of heat and wind brush over me and I sink into a happy bliss. Ahhh.

But then comes the need to cool off from the sun. I plunge into those warm waters and snorkel around the coral - only steps away. Always fascinating and vibrant. More ahhh.

That's what makes up my perfect day - Anguilla equals Ahhhh.

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