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My Last Day in Anguilla

by Cheryl Rae
(Austin, TX USA)

Watching a storm come in over St Maarten

Watching a storm come in over St Maarten

The most fabulous thing about Anguilla is its tranquility. I get up early to enjoy the sunrise with my last mug of Caribbean coffee, pack quickly and throw everything but my camera into the rental car.

I head for the beach and start walking, passing many tiny goats with their mamas. I get the feeling after being on the beach for about 15 minutes that I could be on a deserted island, just me and the coconuts and the beautiful water. The air is warm and breezy, the ocean's waves make me feel young somehow.

I envision myself taking it all in, like a bottle. I need to be able to recapture all this peace when I get back to my job in the States where the deadlines never end and the phone calls just keep coming. I could stay here forever.

I take some photos of the spot I am sitting in and tell myself I'll frame them and hang them above my desk but ultimately I know that the peace will be translated when I look up my next set of tickets to Anguilla. I'll be back. And with that commitment, I hike the long way back to my car and head for the airport.

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