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Ode to a Perfect Day

by Diana Page
(Wilson, NC)

Our Perfect Beach

Our Perfect Beach

Anguilla is the perfect place to be,
Away from every ordinary care.

And what would make a perfect day for me
Would be a dream my husband and I share.

We'd start by waking up to whispering palms,
Then strolling down the sandy path to Gwen's.

A hammock nap all worldly tension calms,
Amidst the lullabys of speckled hens.

We'd snorkel through the pristine torquoise sea,
Then plop down on Gwen's deck to sip rum punch.

A combination plate we both agree
Would be our absolutely favorite lunch.

Then after sunset's rainbow hues decreased,
To Zara's for Shamash's snapper feast!

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