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One More Swim and Talk to My Mommy Up there and Feel Calm One Last Time

by Gigi Kulick
(Stamford CT)

Me and my floatie finally at peace

Me and my floatie finally at peace

Our last day in Anguilla started with a great breakfast on our terrace - some fresh fruit, cappuccino, croissant and a kiss from my husband as we stare out to the calm soothing sea.

We pack- reluctantly and then put our bathing suits on. I must get in my last Pina Colada, talk to my girls on the beach- Fiona, Shirley - the best bartenders around and then I get my floatie and head out in the calm waters.

I look toward St Martin and look up and begin to talk to my mother - watching from above... I thank her for looking out for us and say "Isn't this a beautiful place Mommy?. You would love it here... but you are here! I miss you and love you"

Then I cry and smile for I am at the most beautiful beach in the world and I am at peace for a while. ( I rarely am calm - my husband is always saying..."Relax - please -take a pill or something"). But here in Anguilla he just grins and knows I am finally calm and content.

Then the quiet is interrupted by my husband yelling "hurry Gigi- we have to go." I rush back to the room - change into my sundress and we say our goodbyes to all of the friends we have made staying here.

We hop a taxi to Blowing Point and get into "Gotcha 2" and have one last run punch on the boat ride to SXM. We splurge each year if we can for the private boat ride just to prolong our Anguilla heaven a bit longer.

Till we meet again. xxooo

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