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Wonderful people in Anguilla!

by Jill

Anguilla Saturday Afternoon BBQ

Anguilla Saturday Afternoon BBQ

While staying at La Sirena Villas on Meads Bay for our honeymoon, we were soaking up the gorgeous sights and sounds of the beach.

Someone was cooking nearby and the smell was incredible! Some local children were at the beach playing in the water and having a great time.

These darling kids came over and started talking to us. The next thing we knew, some of the parents came out and started talking to us and invited us back into the trees to join them in their barbequed lunch.

We gladly accepted the invitation! We ate with them and had some delicious barbequed chicken, Carib beer and some wonderful local cuisine.

To this day, we still remember the hospitality of the Anguilla people and how priviledged we felt to be invited to join them in their feast! I am ready to go back!

Nori's Reply: What a charming story of Anguillian warmth and hospitality. You sure were lucky to have shared in the barbeque. Anguilla barbeques are the best. You will find them scattered throughout the island, usually opened on Fridays and Saturdays. The lastest one I visited was Joan and Cyril's on the road from Shoal Bay East to Island Harbour. Joan makes mouth watering johnny cakes the old fashioned way baked in a kettle drum with coals underneath and on top of the drum.

La Sirena has changed hands and is now called Anacaona Boutique Hotel.

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