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Anguilla Weather in May:
A Tropical Spring

Just as the vacationers and travelers to Anguilla are leaving the island to enjoy spring at home, a warmer season begins in Anguilla.

Temperatures rise, seas go still, and you might even spot a waterspout...

Anguilla weather
Shoal Bay, May

Sometimes you get really lucky and get a glimpse. In 2009 we were lucky enough to spot two! Click here to read more about stormy weather in May.

Anguilla weather in May can be stormy...

Average High in May: 88°F
Average Low in May: 77°F
Average Temp. in May: 82°F
Average Rain in May: 4"

Anguilla gets more rain and thundershowers in May compared to other times of the year. But, Anguilla is one of the sunniest countries in the world.

Even when it's a "rainy day" in Anguilla, showers rarely last the whole day and the next day is normally back to sunny skies.

"Rainy day" is a relative term in Anguilla :-)

Anguilla travel tip: No sweaters needed in May! If you're planning on doing activities outdoors (hiking) bring some light tops and pants.

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