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Anguilla 1986

by Steve
(New York, USA)

Anguilla Goat

Anguilla Goat

Our first trip to Anguilla was in 1986.

Excited that we were going to a relatively unknown Caribbean Island, we began our research by going to the library. At the time, not much was written on Anguilla.

We landed at Princess Juliana Aiport from New York on a Pan Am flight. Took a taxi to Marigot to catch the ferry to Anguilla.

While waiting for the ferry I asked a fellow water taxi passenger about Anguilla, the shopping, beaches, restaurant, etc.

I remember him saying "Mon, noting be on dat island but goats."

We immediately left the dock and went in search of a market to buy provisions. We loaded up on breads, meats, wine, cheese and Cuban cigars.

Loaded to the gills with boxes and bags of groceries we caught the ferry to Anguilla.

Upon leaving customs and catching a cab to Apex Car Rental we passed markets, restaurants, bars, but not one goat!

We headed to Shoal Bay East and at the end of the road was a shack... "Uncle Ernie's Chicken and Ribs" and for 1 USD, cold Heinekens.

Looking over the tranquil, turquiose waters, sipping an ice cold brew I realized we made it to paradise.

I looked to the west as the sun was just beginning to set, to the east where pelicans were feeding on a school of fish, the smell of grilled fish permeating from "Happy Jacks Bar and Grill" and Ernie making another rum punch... life was good.

And not one goat!

Nori's Reply: Ha ha ha... that is a funny story, especially because goats abound everywhere as you drive around Anguilla. I can only imagine what you must have been wondering... where are all the goats?

Goats are one of the quintessential signs that you have arrived in Anguilla.

Driving around Anguilla is an inexpensive way to explore all of Anguilla's beaches and attractions. Too many visitors stay at their hotels without ever having seen the real beauties of
this island or having tried the many wonderful restaurants.

There are a number of car rentals in Anguilla and once you have rented a car, you will never look back. Car rentals in Anguilla can be anything from a van, for 4 or more persons, to a 4 wheel drive jeep, for the more rugged terrain.

Driving in Anguilla is on the left (as in Britain). Some folks are hesitant to rent a car for that reason. However, most if not all, car rentals, have the steering position on the left (as in North America and rest of Europe). All car rental companies have a sign on the dashboard reminding you that you must keep left when driving.

Roundabouts might present the only dilemma... as my dad always tells me... when entering a roundabout in Anguilla, give on the right and take on the left... and watch out for those goats!

P.S. If you ever get around to scanning those old photos from 1986, we would love to see them.

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