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The Anguilla Aqua Park...
Even More Fun in the Sun
with Anguilla Watersports!


Update 2019: The Aqua Park has closed.

Since 2014, Anguilla Watersports has been introducing new and fun ways to enjoy the breathtaking blue of Anguilla's clear waters.

Riding the power of the wind with kitesurfing. Cruising over calm seas on a stand up paddle board. Marveling at the ocean life below via glass-bottomed kayak. Now, just when you thought they "offered it all," Anguilla Watersports has unveiled its greatest addition yet...

The Anguilla Aqua Park!

Sliding Into an Aquamarine Dream at The Anguilla Aqua Park
sliding into aquamarine dreams at aqua park

First Impressions of The Anguilla Aqua Park

The Aqua Park sits at 100 feet x 100 feet, making it the largest of its kind in the entire Caribbean. It features the main inflatable "obstacle course," which is made up of "floating islands," and several "independent island" floats.

Inside The Anguilla Aqua Park
inside anguillas water park

Pretty as a picture, it touts Anguilla's national colors, the signature orange, white and turquoise, and calmly bobs atop the clear Caribbean seas of Cove Bay.

It is set about 50 yards from the shoreline and about 150 yards south-east of Smokey's, tucked in the more active part of Cove Bay. The park is roped off in the water, separating it from the fishing boats that anchor to the east end of Cove Bay and the day charter boats from St. Maarten that moor to the west of the park.

The Anguilla Aqua Park Seen From Shore
anguillas water park in cove bay

The question was, what would the experience actually deliver?

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million. To get the full experience in 30 seconds, watch the clip below...

The Experience

My good friend, Kirmani Honoré and I arrived ready to "conquer" the maze of obstacles which is the Aqua Park!

I recommend basking in the beauty of Cove Bay and swimming to the park, but Anguilla Watersports' team can take you there in a kayak or SUP, if you prefer.

Kayaking From Cove Bay to the Aqua Park
kayak from cove bay beach to the water park

Life jackets on (you are required to wear a life jacket at all times when inside the park), here's what happened next in the words of Kirmani...

Aqua Park In-Depth Report By Kirmani Honoré

Giddy as 10 year olds, Nori and I dove into the crystal-clear water. Our first stop was the giant floating teeter-totter at the front of the park. No doubt, my favorite and maybe Nori's least.

The Giant Teeter-Totter
giant teeter totter at aqua park

Climb aboard the giant inflatable and take turns throwing your weight back and forth and see who can stay on the longest!

After a few panicked-screams from Nori and belly-aching laughs from myself, we hopped off and swam over to the main Aqua Park island.

The on-site lifeguards helped us onto the main island of floats. It's set up like an obstacle course. "Race you to the end?" I asked Nori. It was on! Bouncing on trampolines, scaling up floats via ropes and navigating a maze of palm trees, we went as fast as we could, taking a few cooling tumbles into the refreshing sea.

hanging off the aqua park

Beating Nori was almost too easy (sorry, Nori!), but the challenge of taking out the park's ultimate record of 42 seconds still stands. Next time, I'll get it! ;-)

After the race? Our eyes were set on one of the floats, a water launch. It's one of those things you always see in summer camp movies, but have never tried yourself. With the help of our friendly lifeguards, Nori positioned herself and after a riveting countdown, she was launched off!

The Water Launch
water launch at aqua park in anguilla

We saved the very best for last... the tall tower and slide in the middle of the Aqua Park. Climbing to the top is a challenge, but the view is mesmerizing.

View From the Top!
view from the top of the slide at the aqua park

As for the descent (about 15')? The choice is yours to slide down...

Looking Down the Slide at the Aqua Park
looking down the slide at aqua park

Or to jump over the side...

Jumping Into the Caribbean Sea
jumping into the water from the aqua park

Either way, close your eyes and don't look down!

A barrel of laughs, timeless memories were made that day.

NOTE: For the young at heart (but with a few sore joints), an hour on the water park really works muscles you didn't even know you had.

A Day On The Sea Well-Spent

Safe? Check. Exhilarating? Double check! And, last but certainly not least, the beauty of its surroundings is undeniable.

Cove Bay's Glistening Waters Seen From the Aqua Park
beautiful waters of cove bay seen from aqua park

more family fun at aqua park in anguilla

Pause at the top of the Aqua Park and the views take your breath away. Even after all of these years vacationing to and now living in Anguilla, that day, our appreciation for Anguilla's stunning seas deepened even further, somehow. It is pretty special to be able to have this kind of fun on an island known for its crystal-clear waters.

Kirmani and I went with the intention of spending an hour at play. Three hours later, we were still pushing each other off floats, climbing up and jumping back down into the sea. The allure of plummeting into the sparkling waters kept calling us back.

We weren't the only ones who were laughing our way through Anguilla Watersports' Aqua Park, slipping and sliding in the sun. Plenty of kids wore big smiles and happy vibes dominated.

kids having fun at anguilla aqua park

All in all? Anguilla Watersports' Aqua Park is an adorable addition to Anguilla. Beautiful, safe, fun and it's a great work out!

Location & More Information

To get to the Aqua Park, drive to and park at Smokey's. Out on the sand take a left towards Anguilla Watersports' tent (about 20 yards from Smokey's - the park itself is about 150 yards from the restaurant). It's that easy :-)

Aqua Park


The Aqua Park is open 7 days a week from 10-6pm. Prices start at $40 for half a day, or $50 for a full day pass.

Visit Anguilla Aqua Park's website for more information or call 264-584-1204.