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Anguilla Villa Review of Sheriva

by Jonathan Rosario
(Irvine, CA)

Photo From www.sheriva.com

Photo From www.sheriva.com

First of all, thank you for this site, it's awesome. My wife and I stayed in Sheriva for our honeymoon just last year in August of 2008. Even though we were running close to "hurricane season" there was tons and tons of sun and everything.

The staff at Sheriva were beyond personable. Before we could think of getting our clothes laundered, they were already laundered, pressed and folded in our massive walk in closet. The infinity bath tub and private pool, the daily afternoon snacks, the included daily breakfast, and personal chef for dinners were all just part of what made this place so awesome.

For couples, the best part was probably the dual shower... hint. It was just awesome, every amenity, phenomenal staff, everything we dreamed of.

Going into it, we knew it was not on the beach, but it was literally a 2 minute drive (on your nearly private road safe for golf carts) to the Cap Juluca resort beach, Maunday's Bay.

Perhaps the only thing that would put Sheriva over the top is if it had its own private beach. During our stay, we visited Cap Juluca and CuisinArt, and toured the rooms and everything... but nothing came close to the quality, comfort of Sheriva.

Nori's Reply: I am so glad to hear that you enjoy the site! :-) Thank you so much for the Anguilla villa review of Sheriva.

My Dad and I have been so curious about what this boutique Anguilla hotel is like. It looks spectacular, so exclusive and luxurious! Your Anguilla honeymoon must have been a dream.

I was curious about Sheriva, so I did a little more digging...

Sheriva refers to itself as a "Luxury Boutique Villa Hotel." Made up of large villas and "villa suites," you are afforded all of the amenities of an Anguilla villa (privacy and space), without giving up the social aspects and service you find at Anguilla hotels.

Speaking of service, Sheriva is known for going above and beyond for their guests, providing them with many amenities.

And that brings me to location...

Sheriva is located near Cap Juluca in Anguilla's West End (great location for dining and beaching!). Sheriva is not beach-front. It sits on a slight promontory over-looking the salt ponds and St. Martin...

View of St. Martin from Sheriva
anguilla villaPhoto From www.sheriva.com

Sheriva has made this drawback (not being located on sandy beachfront) a non-issue. The villa resort provides guests with golf carts to drive down to picture-perfect Maunday's Bay. There, they set you up with reserved beach chairs/towels/snacks/drinks.

It sounds like the perfect spot for large families and groups traveling together who want to spend time together, but who also want their privacy.

Rates start at $995/night in the summer (for a 1 bedroom "villa suite") and go up to $6,000/night in the winter months (for a large villa).

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May 04, 2009
by: Jonathan Rosario

Yes, your site is awesome. I went to it several times a day prior to our honeymoon. It was a surprise to my wife who thought we were going to Tijuana or Rosarito or something equally unexciting in Mexico, but easy to travel to since we live in Orange County, CA. The day before, I broke the news that we were going to this island and she about flipped out.

First class plane flights on Continental (which were a bit over priced and under-luxurious), obviously a 8 night stay at Sheriva. We visited lots of restaurants on the island. Of all of them, our favorite was Pimms and their lobster bisque. We made great friends with a couple friend that lived upstairs. Cliff and Benildi from the East Coast. Benildi had an Hermes Burquen (spelled incorrectly I'm sure) Bag that my wife noticed within 2 seconds. They had the entire 3 bedroom upstairs, still with their own private pool, kitchen, living room, and an upstairs guest bedroom. So much space, and not enough friends to enjoy it with. We had dinner with them at Veya (which was a $650+ bill for 4 people), but we also went to Blanchards, Mango's, Straw Hat. We also went on a sunset boating trip with the Chocolat (this was due to your website).

We also reserved a couple days to just explore the island. Drive around until you're lost, then find your way out. Even still, this wasn't enough time to discover all the beaches and adventures.

Also a huge joy was scuba diving, and snorkeling with Matt, the resident white dude on Shoal Bay. He was a huge example of the people of Anguilla and why we love the island. We struck a conversation about how much he looked like this really rich guy we know, and the conversation turned into movies and such. The next thing we know, he had a DVD delivered to our suite at Sheriva the very next day with the movie he was raving about. How awesome is that?? We didn't watch it until we got home... I mean, we had much better things to do.. ;) Really the only TV we watched was the Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer-- a Five set grudge match, best tennis match ever. Anyway, that's the long story...

We definitely have some pictures, and would be glad to upload... but I don't see any option to upload them in this comment.

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