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Ayampe Beach, Ecuador, South America

by Dixie
(Ayampe, Ecuador)

Ayampe Beach Where I hardly See Too Many People

Ayampe Beach Where I hardly See Too Many People

We are originally from Australia and have now been living in Ecuador for the past year. My husband is involved in a project development on the Pacific Coast - Ayampe.

We love this place so much that we have rented a wonderful ocean front beach/bungalo and live here whilst the project is being worked on. It is such a unique place where the rainforest meets the ocean. Ayampe is North of Montanita the surfing capital of Ecuador. But we also get surfers who come into Ayampe, as Montanita is so over crowded. Here I can walk the beach and be totally alone. Other times I will see about 11 surfers at the most, fisherman, families swimming and enjoying themselves and maybe other walkers.

As I walk I have the ocean on one side of me and the rainforest mountains on the other. I find the most equisite shells and there is one section where the Ayampe river washes down into the ocean. Here I find all sorts of wonderful rocks, blue/green gem like looking rocks and then there is the quartz, purple, white, rusty just amazing.

Yes I have heaps of shells and rocks and have become quite creative with decorating bottles and bamboo and anything I can find.

We love the weather changes and at the moment it is very quiet and called the Garua season. It drizzles but it is still comfortable for us and we can still go walking. Then there is the wonderful wildlife all around us. When the sun is shining I have baby green kermit the frog looking iguana's sit on my verandah and eat the hibiscus tree. Humming birds and donkeys come into our yard.

Then of course there are the hundreds of crabs that run along the beach in a swarm at certain times of the day. The locals go diving for octopus on the rocks and fish from the shore.
Everyone is always friendly and it is a wonderful community to be a part of. I feel very privileged. I teach my neighbors children English and they in turn help me with my Spanish.

Ayampe is wonderful and I would be happy to tell people more about it if they want to write to me. The project my huband is working on will soon be launced and will be a wonderful place if people are looking for a condo that is still within their reach. We will definately be living in the development as well as keep our apartment in the mountains. Thats the beauty of Ecuador you can afford to have the best of both worlds.

Nori's Reply: Dixie, thank you for such a beautiful account of Ayampe and Ecuador. It sounds like a magical place. I have never been to the rainforest, or to South America! Both look magnificent. My sister and I tried surfing in Montauk, Long Island and are dying to give it another try. Maybe we will be lucky enough to ride these waves someday... ;-)

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Feb 14, 2017
Ayampe rocks
by: John

I was in Ayampe a couple of weeks ago and I noticed the interesting rocks on the beach. I kept two small ones and was trying to figure out what they were when I found your page.

Apr 16, 2014
LInk to the Condo Project
by: Ray

Greetings Dixie, it was great to read your story of fun and such an exciting place. Can you send a link for the Condo project that you mentioned and also where to look for rental info regarding bunglows and houses in that area, please. Cheers, Ray

Mar 03, 2014
Condos In Ayampe For Sale?
by: Anonymous

We will be in Ecuador in Aug, 2014 and are looking to buy a condo on the beach. Are there any left and what is the price range?

Nov 09, 2013
Possible move to Ayampe
by: Sonia

I am researching to move to Ayampe. My time frame is a few years out. I am interested in the condo development that you were talking about. Did that ever go? I have been watching vidoes, etc of the area and have not seen much in the way of new construction.

I would love more information about the area. I am an interior designer, and know that this is not the area to open a shop (or I could be wrong?) I also would be bringing my teenage daughters. I am concerned about school, etc for them.

Any information would be very helpful!

Thank You!

Jul 12, 2013
Winter of 2013
by: Kim

We are considering getting a room at the LaCasa sometime between Oct - Dec. Looks beautiful and we are wanting to try something new. We normally go to Mexico . My understanding is that there is not much to do in this quiet little town but cheap bus rides to some of the surrounding towns when we want to explore. Sounds great!

Mar 13, 2013
by: Wilson

Great page! I'm staying in the area for the month of July, can't wait!

Feb 01, 2013
by: Linda

Are you still there? Are there condos or small houses for rent/sale?

Sep 13, 2012
Ayampe is a magnificent beach
by: Dennis

In my experience Ayampe is one of the most incredible beaches in Ecuador.

Jun 28, 2012
Where to Stay in Ayampe
by: Laurene

We have the dream as well to find a special beautiful spot and am planning a trip to Ecuador next January for a month while looking for real estate to buy. Are any villas to rent in Ayampe?

Jun 23, 2012
hi Dixi
by: Anonymous

I'm thinking to move to ecuador but I don't know what kind of work or business I can have in there. I would appreciate if you can advise more about this area.......abuazmah@yahoo.com....thanks

Jun 12, 2012
Place to stay
by: Anonymous

I spent some time in Ayampe and stayed in the Hotel Almare. Wonderful place.

May 01, 2012
Sounds amazing
by: Kerry Clarke

Hi Thanks for your description of Ayampe. My two sons arrived there a couple of days ago with a friend and have rented a shack so they can do some surfing. They are from Brisbane Queensland and say it is beautiful and has a wonderful feel to the place. I wanted to get some more info on the place and found your site. It sounds like you all are very lucky. Thanks again Kerry

Mar 16, 2012
Coming to Ayampe Beach, Ecuador, next week
by: Lisa

We are from Australia and have stayed in Ayampe a couple of times. We are trying to find the hotel that we stayed in last time, but not having a lot of luck.

It was high up on a cliff looking down onto Ayampie Beach and the village. It had a long driveway with a bell at the gate. Coming from Salinas, it's on the left hand side before Ayampe village.

Hope you can help?

Feb 24, 2012
Paradise Destroyed
by: experienced traveler

Places like this will be commercialized and overcrowded in 10 years.I saw it happen in Costa rica. People go love it and then broad cast it on the internet.

There are millions of people who would love to find spots like this. Please keep it a secret. It sounds selfish, but it's reality.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Same as you, I want to live there, but I want to find out what to do in Ayampe, what kind of work are you working on, and then find out how to fit in ayampe┬┤s society.

It would be a pleasure to know more about your research, and know more about a stranger┬┤s life in that town.

Jan 16, 2012
Ayampe visit
by: Olga

Hi Dixi...

I was in Ayampe just now, from 3.1. till 12.1.12. It is a great, wonderful and calm beach, amazing stones, with pleasant warm water and the power of the ocean.

Whau... I have fallen in love immediatelly... hope to come back sometimes. What a pity I didn't know where you are. Maybe next time..

Could you write me on: vanilkao@gmail.com?

Aug 09, 2011
Ecuador: great place to live
by: seldon

Hi Dixie, I am from Virginia and am looking for a nice place to go and stay a few months a year. When will your husband's project be finished and do you know of any nice place I can stay or buy?

I see some other towns near by: las nunez, olon,la entrada,don pancho,manglaralto,riochico,salango,valdivia and la entrada.

Is Ayampe the best place compared to these others ? Thanks for any comments you can make. My email is seldon_tompkins@yahoo.com

May 17, 2011
do you have a business email..
by: Terri

Hi Dixie, what is your community name? Can I contact you directly? I'm traveling to Ecuador in a few months and I will love to visit.


Jun 10, 2010
by: Jym

I had posted on your site last year and I visited again, this time going to Salinas but ran out of time to get to Ayampe. Plan to return again in later 2010. How is the development proceeding? Please forward inf to me. I will be initially staying in Puerto Lopez.

Oct 31, 2009
Ayampe Beach
by: Jym

I just read your comments about Ayampe. I have visited Ecuador last year 2009 (Feb.) and will return this year 2010 same month.

I did not go to the beach but stayed close to Cuenca and the Andes range where the climate was wonderful. I plan to tour the coast this time with a home base in Cuenca.

Do you have more info about the development and perhaps a rental in this area for one or two weeks. Any info would be appreciated.

Oct 14, 2009
Great information on Ayampe Beach In Ecuador
by: Bob Still

Nori, I'm a huge anguilla-beaches.com fan. And I love the way visitors can now write about their experiences in Anguilla and about other beaches. It's a super addition to your site.

Dixie, I actually visited that area of Ecuador years ago. What a small world. And what a special part of the world. You write so well, why not start a Web site, ecuador-beaches.com?

Warm regards,

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