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Be Wise on Shoal Bay

by Miste
(Long Island)

Just got back from Anguilla... stayed at Ku Hotel on the beach. It was a lovely little place, bar on the beach, little pool (closes at 7pm!) but that's okay. That location at E Shoal Bay is ggggorgeous. I can still still feel the soft rockin' motion of the ocean.

That beach is the best I've seen, water-clear and warm, sand-soft like flour, view-perfection and quiet and remote.... Very Romantic... Best place for lovers.

But here's the one...or two things to know. If you take a ferry from St. Maarten to Anguilla for the day do not use the Shauna VI Airport Express ---- They forgot all about us there the next day. We had 2 prepaid round trip tickets to return to SXM next day at 4:30pm reservations. We wrangled a ride back from another water taxi named The Link, whose boat was better and faster. They accepted our receipt as payment and went after Shauna VI to reimburse them later. Big thanks to Link! (Link Ferry Services is their ferry name, 264-729-654) for saving us.

When you get to Anguilla be sure never to leave anything of value in the car. Also, when you go to the beach at E Shoal Bay (the best) or any other one, rent a beach lounge chair from the hotel. Last year we were day trippers and did not know to do that. If you just place a towel on the beach some might see you as a potential game for a scame... Be wise!

Nori's Reply: Thank you for sharing your experience, Miste. Shoal Bay is a beautiful spot. I've never tried Shauna VI, but The Link Anguilla ferry is wonderful. I'm glad to hear they came through for you! As for the small crimes, it's less prominent in Anguilla than in larger, busier islands, but I would always use common sense and exercise a little caution. Thank you for the tips!

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