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First Anguilla Beach Bliss

by Ann Phelan
(Bonaire, NA)

Maunday's Bay Anguilla Beach Bliss

Maunday's Bay Anguilla Beach Bliss

It was a spontaneous last minute splurge. I really should have used the 2k for my fall hiatus when business (travel) is slow. Nope, my impulsive nature led me to book air on DAE from Bonaire to SXM and the take the Link Ferry to AXA. The arrival was spectacular as my teen saw a lovely big turtle near the ferry. A swift entry, no rum punch or steel bands but stoic yet courteous I and C staff. Our rental car was rather drab and dreary with bald tires that would prove to be a problem down the road. Off we went to our condo at Meads Bay. The property was adequate but the Anguilla beach, MAGNIFICENT. We spent hours and hours floating in the crystal blue at Meads Bay. Not believing it could get better, we found another beach with a staggering beauty, Maunday's Bay. The sun and white sand and glimmering sea hurt my eyes, even with shades.

I found my bliss...

Annie in Bonaire

Nori's Reply: Thank you so much for such a lovely review of Anguilla beaches, Ann. Meads and Maundays are two of the island's best! It sounds like those 2k were well spent ;-) Sorry to hear about the rental car, next time you should try Island Car Rental. They have great cars for reasonable rates and the staff is so kind and accommodating. The Link Ferry is another great service. They are always on time and the guys are so fun. Thank you again for painting such a vivid picture of Anguilla's beautiful beaches!

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