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It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

by Steve Cohen
(Medford, NJ)

Sunrise on Rendezvous Bay Beach

Sunrise on Rendezvous Bay Beach

It starts with the soft warm air of a new day beginning as the sun rises on Rendezvous Bay Beach. I walk from my room "on the beach" at The Great House just a few feet to the sand...down to the water's edge and with my feet in the water...I stretch. I offer a "Salutation to the Sun". As the blood reaches all of my extremities I begin to meander westward down the beach (towards CuisinArt and The Dune Preserve).

There is always a gentle breeze and the cool air begins to warm with the sun's appearance. It gives me a joyful lift as I stroll. Sometimes a fellow beachwalker is walking the opposite direction towards me and I always say to them the same words to them..."it doesn't get any better than this" and always they agree with a smile or a simple nod or both.

I walk in and out of the water at its edge along the beach as I like. I get to Bankie's Paradise (aka The Dune Preserve) and know that the night before it was full of folks reveling in the joy of Anguilla. Hard to believe...but one time (in my 13 years of visiting Anguilla and walking this beach at the start of a new day) I saw Bankie "awake"...standing on the deck and looking out to the sea...we smiled and nodded good day.

I continue walking to "my special place". Stonehenge Minor. Stonehenge Minor and its surroundings change every year. Some years the changes - due to the weather and related storms - are drastic. Sometimes the "rock and shell sculptures" are plentiful and sometimes they are mostly gone. But since I am not alone in the appreciation of this place...sculptures are recreated. Slowly but surely.

This is without doubt the most perfect way to start any day in Anguilla...whether it is your first or last day. I am so grateful for having found this place and the feeling it brings that I wish I could "can it" and share it with everyone in the world.

The highlight though...is sitting on "the rock" (aka my sitting place) and feeling the breeze fully envelop me as the waves crash on the rocks and caress the shore. The air is so fresh and breathable. The peaceful feeling you will find here needs to be experienced as words could never do it justice.

If only everyone in the world would be blessed with such a feel...what a better world we would be living in. If you are not spiritually inclined before being here...you will be after you spend time with you senses in this most special place.

Again...it doesn't get any better than this.

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