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Our Anguilla Day Trip

by Darlene Pat
(Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)

St. Gerard's Church

St. Gerard's Church

My husband and I visited Anguilla for a day while we honey-mooned in St. Martin. We instantly felt like we were in paradise. We spent the entire day relaxing on Shoal Bay (which is heaven on earth!!!) and ate lunch at Gwen's.

Our driver gave us a quick tour of the island and one thing really caught my eye... The beautiful and unique front of St. Gerard's Church in the Valley.

I thought it would be the perfect addition to our travel photo collection that we have hanging in our hallway at home. Unfortunately, I was too shy to ask to get out of the car to snap some photos. I completely regret not taking any pictures in that moment now! I thought we would have an opportunity to come back, but sadly we didn't.

That was a hard lesson for me on speaking up!

Anyways, I am scrounging the Internet for someone who has a high res photo of the front of the church, who would be so kind enough to send it to me for our collection.

I don't know when I'll have another opportunity to visit beautiful Anguilla again. If anyone can help, I would deeply appreciate it!

Thanks for your time.

Nori's Reply: Thank you so much for your lovely story, Darlene! St. Gerard's Church definitely is unique, my favorite Anguilla church too. I added the photo just for you. :-)

P.S. Check your mail box!

P.P.S. Anguilla has so many pretty churches of true architectural interest, it makes it hard to believe that there are only 12,000 people or so on the island! Here is a page with many church photos.

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Sep 15, 2008
More pics of the interior of St. Gerard's Church
by: Steve Ziemba

I also have pics of the interior if anyone's interested ... just let me know at my address below. I have lots of other information available based on 11 continuous vacations on beloved Anguilla.


Sep 14, 2008
St. Gerard's Church
by: Carol Ann

St. Gerard's is a treasure, I have some photos of the interior that you might find interesting too. The "new" church being built next to it reflects the same architecture and will hold alot more people but the old church is priceless.
Perhaps you will get to return for your anniversary, then you could explore it further. It is also part of the Wallblake House, a historical plantation type house that has been restored.

Sep 14, 2008
Anguilla Churches Are Indeed Special
by: Ronnie

We've visited Anguilla many times and you're right, Nori. With so many churches, all of them special little gems, you do tend to wonder if Anguillians go to two or three of them every week. Imagine a town in the U.S. of 12,000. You'd never see a small number of huge, generally unimaginative churches, and certainly nothing that would ever inspire you to take a photo.

Great site!


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