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Our Favorite Anguilla Taxi

by Susana
(Malaga, Spain)

Frank and Me... The Best Anguilla Taxi Service

Frank and Me... The Best Anguilla Taxi Service

When I travel, what really makes my trip special, is getting to meet and hang out with the local people ... especially if they are as warm and welcoming as they are in Anguilla.

I first met Frank when he picked me up at my hotel one morning and drove me to the Paradise Cove resort where I was staying to attend a conference.

It was around a 20 minute trip ... but it seemed to wizz by in 5 minutes .... we chatted the whole way ... he told me about his years living in Canada and how Anguilla (his birth country) beckoned him home; he played me his favorite "spanish music" (I live in Spain); and he gave me some tips about traveling alone in Anguilla (I am female and was travelling alone).

He was just a genuinely nice guy!

When I got to my destination, Frank gave me his card and told me to call him if I ever needed a taxi in Anguilla.

Low and behold the next evening after our first day of conference, a group of us decided to go to Elvis' and someone asked the question .... "anyone have the number for a taxi??"

So, I whipped out Frank's number and gave him a call. It was late, maybe around 11pm, and Frank had already finished work for the day and was at home relaxing. But to my amazement he said "sure, I'll just get dressed and be there soon!".

20 or so minutes later Frank turned up and drove us all to Elvis'. There was about 9 or 10 in our group, but that wasn't a problem, as Frank drives a large vehicle that can carry around 10 or so passengers.

We had a great time at Elvis', but the best thing was that we didnĀ“t have to worry about how to get back to the hotel ... as Frank told us he would wait for us until we were ready and drive us back. He had to wait until 2am! But he took it all in his stride, no complaints, and made sure we got back safe and sound.

I was then nominated the conference "taxi coordinator" ... but Frank made that job real easy! We called him every night for the duration of the conference to drive us to our chosen restaurant, wait for us to finish our meal, and drive us back to the hotel.

I would definitely recommend Frank's Anguilla Taxi Service, tel 264-497-4238 or cell 264-235-4238.

If only all the taxi drivers in Europe were like Frank!

Nori's Reply: I am so happy to hear of your positive experience, Susana. Anguillians are so kind and warm-hearted by nature.

Was it expensive, Susana?

From what I have heard, it is difficult to find not only a genuine and nice taxi owner in Anguilla, but one that also doesn't over-charge. Here is a guideline for standard rates...

  • A ride from Blowing Point (where the Anguilla ferry comes in) to Cap Juluca will run you over $25 for two people

  • A ride from Cap Juluca to Shoal Bay will cost over $30 for two people

  • A ride to Sandy Ground from Cap Juluca will cost you over $20 for two people

  • $5 for every extra person

  • $1 for each piece of luggage (after 2 pieces of luggage)

  • If you are traveling between 6pm and midnight, there is a $4 charge.

  • If you are taking a taxi between midnight and 6am, there is a $10 extra charge

All of these charges can start adding up, especially when you consider that you have to travel "to" the restaurant/beach/bar and "back" to your hotel.

This is one of the reasons why so many visitors to Anguilla opt to rent an Anguilla car. Yes, you must drive on the left hand side of the road. And yes, you must buy a driver's license (it's inexpensive and an easy process). But, you ultimately save hundreds of dollars at the end of your vacation, and have total freedom to explore Anguilla.

For those short trips between bars and restaurants though, taxi services certainly come in handy, but can come at a relatively high price.

Judging by the comment below though, it sounds like Frank's Anguilla Taxi Service is very reasonable and the way to go!

Comments for Our Favorite Anguilla Taxi

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Dec 29, 2011
Frank was great
by: Sassy

Just wanted to add my vote here. Hubby and I were in the group that went to Elvis' that night. Frank was friendly yet professional -- he knew when to pipe up and when to sort of fade into the background and let us be our (um, slightly) drunk selves. :)

Highly recommend Frank's Taxi Service!! :)
p.s. Thanks again, Susana, for coordinating it all for us!! xo!

Dec 29, 2011
Best Taxi Service For Sure! Frank's Taxi Service
by: Danika Dahl

Susanna - Thank you so much for writing this page on Frank and his superb Anguilla taxi service! He definitely deserves this recognition!

I will confirm that he was there for us even when we called him at the very last minute (like, um, at 11 PM!), and into the wee hours of the night he waited for us at we had entirely too much fun at Elvis' Beach Bar!

I rented a car while I was on island, and on my departure I had to return it with a full tank of gas. The gas was over $6 a gallon. I'm sure this high-priced gas can explain the high-priced taxi service in Anguilla.

But aside from the high-priced gas, Frank's prices were still extremely reasonable -- and remember we called him at the last minute -- every single time!

Because we were a large group, it definitely helped in keeping the price reasonable for each person, but as the above comment explains, add up the "extra charges" and the "last minute" service, and it could have easily cost more.

Aside note about Elvis' Beach Bar: I just read in Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine, February 2012, page 36, that Evlis' made it into the "Annual Beach Lovers Guide" as one of the BEST Beach Bars in the Caribbean! And we were there!

The article stated... "Every beach bar in the world aspires to be just like Elvis'..."

Amazing memories were made in Anguilla!

Dec 28, 2011
Great Tip!
by: Nori

Thank you for the pricing, Anonymous ;-)

It sounds like Frank gave you a great rate!

Since you were staying at Paradise Cove, it is likely that a trip for 2 to Sandy Ground would cost you $20. $5 (for each additional person) x 8 (if there were 10 of you total) = $40. Plus, $10 for traveling at Midnight. That is -- $20+$40+$10 = $70, and that is just one way. To get back, that makes it a total of $140 that he could have charged you, given the standardized rates.

The fact that you all paid $10 or $12 per person makes his service not only friendly and accommodating, but also extremely reasonably priced.

It sounds like Frank's Taxi Service is the taxi to call! Thank you for the great tip!

Dec 28, 2011
Not So Expensive Anguilla Taxi Experience
by: Anonymous

Hi Nori, you asked if Franks services were expensive?

Well, we negotiated a fee of $100 each night. Sounds like a lot, but there were usually 9 or 10 of us, so we ended up paying around $10 or $12 each, depending on the night.

I thought that was not bad at all, if you take into account that after Frank dropped us off at the restaurant or bar he waited for us (sometimes up to 2 or 3 hours) to then drive us back to the hotel.

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