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The Ferry Boat Inn: A Caribbean Lover's Dream!

by Joe Silbert
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I've been to a number of Caribbean islands over the past 35 or so years, each with it's own special charm. Anguilla? Off my radar until a young friend of the family decided to marry there. A week before the ceremony "Mr. Organized," yours truly, starts look for a reasonably priced place to stay and comes across the Ferry Boat Inn on line. I liked what I saw on the website and e-mailed the owner, Marjorie, and I could tell just from our correspondence that the FBI was the place for me.

In anticipation our my late Sunday afternoon arrival, Marjorie had two wonderful shrimp salads...along with cheese and fruits... waiting in the fridge for my companion and me, (I later learned the food was complimentary, a welcoming gift). Our one bedroom, two bath accommodation had a picture postcard view of the ocean and St. Martin, and was large, neat and clean (and was kept clean throughout our stay by a very helpful maid who turned us on to a number of interesting/helpful locales).

Looking for high-priced luxury? Go else where. Looking for an "old school," laid back vibe? The Ferry Boat Inn is the ticket. And, reasonably priced, too.

Nori's Reply: Thank you for sharing, Joe. I couldn't agree with you more... Ferry Boat Inn is a special spot.

Location-wise, right near the ferry, overlooking crystal Caribbean Seas and St. Martin, it's not only conveniently placed on the island, but it's also scenic AND on the beach.

Marjorie and Christian make gracious hosts, so caring and thoughtful. They really make you feel right at home and treat you just like one of their own, as if you're family. Some of my best nights have been spent in their company at Ferry Boat Inn.

They have you covered when it comes to dining, too, with their on-site restaurant and bar. The food is tasty and the drinks are divine. We love stopping in here for their 1/2 lbs. cheeseburger, complete with their hand-cut fries, all with one (or two!) of Christian's famous rum punches. I've heard many good things about their French onion soup, too. I still have to give that a try.

On top of all of that, it's so reasonably priced!

Thanks for sharing, Joe :-)

More on Ferry Boat Inn here.

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