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We'll Report Back Soon...

by Brian Robertson

Thank you for putting together such a thorough site about Anguilla! Although I have not arrived yet, I look foward to many of the places and tips your family has outlined. As a matter of fact, I guess I can thank you for sealing the deal on our honeymoon!

Here's our story...

We are a young mid to late 20s, soon to be married couple on July 13th 2008!

A friend suggested Anguilla so we decided to do some research
(a lot from your site) and we then considered Anguilla for our honeymoon destination over Hawaii and Tahiti.

We wanted to go all out since we say its a once in a lifetime trip so after pondering first class airfare between all of our destinations from Philadelphia, we went out on a limb and decided to book our first anguilla trip with Cap Juluca resort.

We counted and saved our pennies and have sinced planned an extravagant 10 day stay at the resort. As a training architect and my soon to be wife a local elementary school teacher, we really loved how you outlined affordable restaurants that will help with overall expenses.

On another note, what really excited me was that your father identified getting a map print out from the township building to explore the island. Totally thoughtful and a man of my own heart.

It's a little disappointing that Dolphin Discovery won't be open while we're there, but we might be able to find a place on Tortola, if we can get there (anyone know any Anguilla-Tortola

Anyways, thanks again for your great literature, and we will definitely post comments, suggestions and photos when we return.

Take care,
Brian and Carly Robertson

Nori's Reply: That is so exciting! You will have a wonderful honeymoon on Anguilla. Cap Juluca is an ideal spot, sitting exclusively on a perfect sandy, crescent beach. I can't
wait to see your photos and read your stories upon your return! Happy honeymooning :-)

P.S. I don't know of any boats that make the trip from Anguilla to Tortola, but you can always check in with Fun Time Charters to see what's possible!

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