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Dad's Top Tip For
Anguilla Maps

Swimming, snorkeling, sunning, and snoozing. Then wake up and eat well! Can it get better than this? Yes it can.

Exploring this astonishing Anguilla island can be more than half the fun. But you'll need the very best of Anguilla maps. Yes...

You could also be bumping around the back roads exploring the "unknown to tourists" parts of Anguilla.

Anguilla has many more miles of dirt roads, than paved roads...

The Roads Of Anguilla

There is basically one long major paved road in good condition that goes all around the central and eastern parts of the island, with...

  • a major spur out to the west end of the island, including all the major tourist beaches and 5-star resorts
  • a turnoff at the first traffic light west of The Valley which takes you to the excellent-quality Jeremiah Gumbs Highway, giving you good access to beaches along the south shore from Little Harbor to Blowing Point (including some totally isolated, unknown beach areas (just try each little dirt turnoff)
  • another turnoff at North Hill, immediately east of the roundabout that takes you down to Sandy Ground. This easy-to-miss road leads you up a hill to a new highway, Reverend Leonard Carty, that takes you on a beautiful drive along the north shore over Katouche Bay, ending up at Crocus Bay.

Then there are several smaller paved ones in "less good but OK" shape. And finally, there are tons of dirt roads of varying quality, all the way down to "for mountain goats only."

Sure, these off-the-off-roads are all rocks and bumps, but you don't need an expensive SUV. A Toyota Corolla can handle it, if you're careful. I know, because we did it!

And do not worry about safety! This is one, very safe Caribbean island! There is no abject poverty here, and there is very little crime. No matter where you go, you'll find only warm, friendly people.

What should you take with you? Your curiosity, a good pair of hiking shoes (although my stubborn dad goes everywhere in his flip-flops)... and an extremely detailed map of Anguilla! And when I say "extremely detailed", I mean extremely detailed.

Sure the tourist map that you'll get (at the airport or a thousand other places around the island) are good. But they are not detailed enough to give you the confidence to explore the poor-to-bad condition roads/tracks.

The Best Map For Exploring

Extreme exploring requires an extreme map. Here is, by far, the best of all Anguilla maps...

Anguilla maps
Click for medium-sized version of Anguilla map
Click for larger version of Anguilla map
Note: Use your browser's magnifying function to enlarge the
large version even further. And please note... The quality of
the actual map is far better than even the largest photo link.

So where do you get this map of Anguilla? Only one place in the whole world. It's the place where my dad first heads to when we're on vacation anywhere... your friendly, local Land and Survey Office.

In Anguilla, this office is located in the Valley, right behind the Anguilla Tourist Board, which you'll have no trouble finding -- just ask anyone!

This map of Anguilla is on a scale of 1:25,000, which provides high detail -- "perfect" says my Dad. It shows the main roads, the secondary ones, the dirt roads, the tracks, all the way down to the foot paths and fences!

There are so many beautiful beaches, cliffs, and coves. But they aren't all exactly easy to get to, or easy to find. For example...

You'll never find the perfect little road to take you down to Long Bay Beach without a map of Anguilla like this. But with it, access to Long Bay Beach, one of Anguilla's truly magnificent beaches (it's on our short list for real estate) becomes almost easy...

Anguilla Long Beach

The rewards of extreme exploring are great. I love that true "off the beaten path" feeling. It's like a challenge, successfully met. You can't do this, safely, on other Caribbean vacations.

But you can here. Just one thing... don't forget to take along this best of all Anguilla maps.

The Best Map For "Digital Exploring" of Anguilla? Try This On Your iPad...

Google Earth is a tremendous tool that allows you to see every nook and cranny, in every small town, world wide, from the comfort of your own home!

I considered this exciting technology and a light bulb went off...

Why not transform the Google Earth images into a digital file that ...

  • you can use with your iPad or other tablet when exploring
  • you can print and use (for those who like paper).

With its help, I created a new Anguilla map. It's completely free and available for download...

Take it with you on your iPad or other tablet when exploring Anguilla...

Here's my Google digital map of Anguilla.

Update: A new contender for the best Anguilla map! But you'll need Internet access to use it, so it's not much use when exploring.

My Anguilla Maps

Anguilla-Beaches.Com highlights all of my family's Anguilla favorites. From restaurants to villas to shops and hikes, we share just about everything!

But one afternoon, while I was planning our St. Barts vacation, it hit me...

What about directions?

I was growing a little frustrated trying to coordinate restaurants and shopping in relation to our hotel on an island I was so unfamiliar with. I could find tons of reviews on the best spots to visit, but why couldn't I find a map outlining them?

Now I understand how aggravating that can be!

So here are a series of Anguilla maps, provided with the help of Google Maps!

Click here for my Anguilla maps, to find out where that is in Anguilla!

My Itineraries

On the note of coordinating vacation plans, nothing makes trip planning as easy as map-based itineraries. It can be tricky to figure out what you want to do and how it will all lay out.

With that in mind, and with the request from Anguilla-Beaches.com readers for travel planners and guides to certain areas of Anguilla, I've developed an itinerary section that feature things to do, complete with information on each point of interest and its location on a map. I hope you find them useful! :-)

More on Anguilla itineraries here.


Nori A labor of love since '02. Moved here in '08, and loving it. Hope to meet on the beach. Until then, drop me a line!