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Caribbean Vacations:
Fat Cat Update

anguilla card emblem

Our favorite gourment food shop, Fat Cat Gourmet, on Anguilla has packed up shop, moved and expanded.

We were on our way into The Valley, leaving from Shoal Bay East, when the sign "Fat Cat" caught our attention. "It wasn't always there!" I exclaimed, nearly causing my Dad to lose control of the car.

We had to stop and get the scoop.

Fat Cat's New Location
By Albert Lake's Groceries
Caribbean Vacations Fat Cat

The good people at Fat Cat Gourmet, probably thought we were completely insane the moment we walked through the door, our faces covered in befuddled expressions.

Caribbean vacations

"Were you always here? Or... did you move? Or... wait. This place is new?"

But then we smelled the scent of that tasty roasted chicken and our disorientation evaporated.

Yes, they had moved and expanded into a bright and airy spot just outside of Albert Lake's grocery store.

They had done so well on the western end of Anguilla, and now wanted a more central location. Not only have they moved to Anguilla's epicenter, but their menu has grown too!

Now they even carry croissants. That's how we discovered Le Bon Pain, the French bakery that supplies them.

Fat Cat Gourmet was perfect before the move. Now they are just as perfect and offer a wider selection of pre-cooked gourmet meals. Just take them back to your villa and warm them up.


My Dad and I came to our senses, delighted with our discovery, and ordered some supper-at-home for that evening, and yummy baked goods for breakfast the next morning.

Who says you can't eat well and cheap in Anguilla?

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Located across from Albert Lakes grocery store in the Valley.

Fat Cat

Good for pasta salads, stews and rice and peas.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. Saturday, 9am-3pm.

Tel.: 264-497-2307

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