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Dolphin Discovery Anguilla...
The Experience of a Lifetime!

Jahvade Martin, Anguilla-Beaches.com's 15 year old intern from Anguilla's "Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School" shares his Dolphin Discovery experience.

When you visit Anguilla you have to stop by the Dolphin Discovery in Blowing Point.

Lilo & I at Dolphin Discovery
dolphin discovery anguilla

You will have a wonderful once in a lifetime experience swimming with dolphins.

Whether it is the whole family or just children, all are welcome to come and have fun.

I guarantee that others will enjoy this experience with the dolphins because I did!

You can swim with the dolphins in the warm Caribbean Sea with the lovely island of St. Martin in the background.

When I first arrived at the Dolphins Discovery in Blowing Point, I was amazed at the beautiful facility, the unique board walks and the scenery of St. Martin.

We were greeted with the warm smiles of the Manager Alejandro and his crew as they introduced themselves, engaging us in a friendly chat. I was excited to learn that this facility will soon be the biggest in this part of the Caribbean. What is also interesting is that the dolphins Lilo & Coby were born and raised in Anguilla.

We slipped into our life jackets quickly and walked along the boardwalk to begin our adventure!

A Little Nervous
dolphin discovery anguilla

anguilla dolphin swim

At first I was a bit nervous as I am a first timer with dolphins.

The dolphins' teachers are very professional and well-trained in executing their tasks, and they also enjoy what they do.

They do a wonderful job instructing and interacting with the dolphins, and making it a comfortable experience for everyone involved.

What I really loved was the noise of the instructor's whistle used to guide the dolphins. They very obedient and did exactly what they were told to do.

The dolphins are nice and friendly. Their skin is smooth, too. We were able to reach out and feel the smooth skin of the dolphins as they passed by as instructed. They are just adorable and amazing!

I was very impressed by the spectacular flips and stunts the dolphins performed for us, putting on an amazing display that held my interest. I didn't miss capturing any of the memories either...

Need any pictures taken when you are enjoying yourself with the Dolphins? No problem at all! The photography crew at the Dolphin Discovery takes your worries away. They capture your every moment with the Dolphins with their professional photos.

Our instructor, Max, also informed us about the dolphins and we learned a lot about their friendly nature, their teeth and about how they swim!

The two dolphins approached us in the water with an affectionate handshake and they even allowed us to give them a kiss on the cheek.

It was so cute and charming.

These pictures are just a glimpse of how wonderful the experience was!

In addition, the three of us performed exhilarating activities with the dolphins such as the "Foot Push" which was the most thrilling trick of all.

During this activity, you can feel all the strength that the dolphins release pushing against the bottom your feet and tossing you up to 2 feet in the air. It was a spectacular moment!

The Foot Push Toss

Another amazing activity was the speedy ride the dolphins gave us while holding on to their fins.

dolphin discovery dolphin swim anguilla

At the end of the dolphins experience we petted and applauded them for their great work!

Swimming with the dolphins is a humbling experience as well as an exciting one.

We headed back to the beach and we thanked Alejandro and his crew again for providing such an incredible service. It was so quick and hassle free!

In conclusion, swimming with the Dolphins was definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life! In fact, I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Come with your friends, your children and family to Dolphin Discovery. You certainly have to experience swimming with dolphins for yourself in this most unique facility in Anguilla!