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Good For Your Soul

by J. M. Cook
(Middletown, DE/Islamorada, FL, USA)

I miss...

Cove Castles with the almost invisible, awsomely efficient, hospitality staff,

Bankie Banks & The Dune Preserve,

Anguilla snorkeling and eatin' on Sandy Island,

the best damn rum punches on earth,

finding an Italian Grappa bar on an isolated beach,

hopping the ferry to shop at Cartier, buying Cuban cigars,

every one of the Gumbs I ever met.

but the number one reason I miss Anguilla... is the feeling of lasting gratitude such a beutiful paradise puts in your heart.

The incredible soul-healing power of just sitting quietly and drinking it all in.

Nori's Reply: Anguilla sure is good for the soul. I can't wait to get back to sipping rum punches on peaceful Anguilla beaches.

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Good For Your Soul

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Feb 18, 2011
Anguilla: Tropical Heaven
by: Delroy Carty

A Canadian decided to write a book about famous religious structures around the world. so he traveled to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In every church, synagogue, mosque and temple he saw the same golden telephone mounted on a wall with a sign was under it that read $5,000.00 per call.

When he arrived in The Valley, Anguilla, again there was the golden telephone, but this time, the sign under it read, '25 cents per call.'

Totally surprised, and having being told previously that these phones were a direct line to God, he asked the Priest,"Why is it so cheap here?" Father smiled and answered,

"You are in ANGUILLA now my son, and it's a local call. THIS IS HEAVEN."

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