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The World's First Ever Collection of
Anguilla NFTs


For the first time ever, an authentic peace of Anguilla can be purchased and stored in the form of an NFT! Seen by millions of people, these are the all-time most popular Anguilla videos.

We’re especially excited to be the first to bring Anguilla to you through this exciting new technology that is sweeping the worlds of e-art, trading cards, real estate and more.

These NFTs include iconic views of Shoal Bay East, "bluuuetiful" Meads Bay, Maunday's and Rendezvous, too.

All limited editions, there is something special about owning a part of Anguilla.

Click here to get a peace of Anguilla.

anguilla nfts

Haven't heard of NFTs? Read on...

What is an NFT?

Three little letters have been taking the art world by storm...


... AKA Non-Fungible Token!

2021 saw the rise of the NFT. The digital artist Beeple (who has been creating for decades) saw one of his major works sell for a record-breaking $69 million (through Christie's no less!). The NBA released their own ultra-popular line of NFTs, preserving the most sensational moments in basketball history. Even Topps, the famous baseball card company, is "going NFT."

Just like an authentic Picasso painting, NFTs can be stored, re-sold and appreciate in value, all enabled by the blockchain technology.

To dive a bit deeper...

NFTs are a digital certificate of ownership stored on the blockchain. The date of purchase, the ownership ID and the “contents” of that token are all listed in the record.

Cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum) has been the first and most well-known application of the blockchain technology. NFTs are the second major use case.

NFTs stands for “Non-Fungible Tokens.”

An ounce of gold is a fungible token. “Fungible” means that one unit of gold (in this case) is identical to another. Same for dollar bills.

Non-fungible tokens are NOT identical. They are unique files, entries stored on a decentralized database called a “blockchain."

Unlike a centralized database, a decentralized database is spread over hundreds or thousands of servers and is maintained by many, rather then the type of centralized database that most companies maintain. A blockchain, therefore, can’t be hacked (you'd have to take control of at least 51% of all those servers) and is public/totally transparent.

The part that makes it extra-special? Ownership becomes incontestable.

Not only does the "record" represent ownership of an item (e.g., a piece of art), it includes the entire chain of ownership as it gets sold and re-sold.

That unique feature establishes true ownership of the item. Counterfeiting is insignificant due to the inability to prove rightful ownership because copies will fail to document ownership on the blockchain.

The ownership and authenticity of the NFT is indisputable.

And that brings us to the first time ever collection of Anguilla NFTs!...

The Anguilla Beaches' NFT Collection

We have assembled our most popular, all-time viewed videos, with millions of views, into a beautiful collection of Anguilla NFTs, one that should grow in value over time.

What makes collectibles appreciate in both the physical world and in NFTs?

1. Scarcity: Each of our Anguilla Beaches NFTs are limited to 1, 5, 10 or 20 copies, depending on the beach video.

2. Validation: Anyone can take a photo or video. There must be something special about a collectible. There will surely be more collections of Anguilla NFTs by other parties, but there will never be another first collection. Each video in our collection has been seen millions of times, validation of how well these videos have resonated with others.

For example, here is the #1 most viewed Anguilla video of all time (with over 11 million views!)...

... is it is limited to just 1 copy.

This scarcity combined with the validation makes it our most precious NFT.

Another example, our iconic Maunday's Bay view of blue...

... is limited to 10 copies.

And our #1, first-ever "viral video" of Meads Bay's waters...

... is limited to 10 copies.

That limit means no more will ever be minted or released.

Sure, someone could make a digital copy, but it would be worthless due to copyright validation and lack of documented ownership.

Similar to a "limited edition" painting, your purchase means you are one of the sole holders of the NFT for that particular peace of Anguilla.

anguilla nfts

Also similar to a limited edition painting, you exclusively receive the full quality, original video (emailed to you after your purchase).

Watch the calm all day long on your mobile device, display them in digital frames in your house, or share them to your personal social media!


Click here for the full collection and to acquire a peace of Anguilla Beaches. ✨



Note on How to Purchase

To complete your purchase of an Anguilla Beaches NFT, you will need an Ether wallet. Ethereum is the most commonly used cryptocurrency in the NFT world, due to its Smart Contract feature.

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, you may already have an Ether wallet, too, or can easily add one to your crypto account.

If you do not have a Bitcoin or Ether wallet, click here for simple instructions to get started. Welcome to the future :-)



Setting Up Your Ether Wallet

1) Go to OpenSea.com

An Ethereum wallet is where you store all of your blockchain assets (NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts etc.). The wallet application itself is a browser plug-in (or app if you are using a tablet/phone) and is free. The wallets that are offered at OpenSea are all good - MetaMask is one of the most widely used in the NFT/cryptocurrency space.   

2) Time for an Ethereum Wallet

If you do NOT have an Ethereum wallet...

You may be asked to get one when you land on the site. If not asked, click on the Profile icon (top right on desktop, tablet) and click on “My Profile.”  You will be asked to create a wallet. (On phones, open the dropdown menu top-left and then “My Wallet.”) Follow the prompts to get one.


If you DO already have a wallet...

It will be automatically recognized, which gives you a default account at OpenSea. Customize your account (name, etc.) by clicking the top right profile icon (not necessary for purchasing an NFT - it becomes more useful for if/when you want to sell NFTs).

One important note: When you are assigned your wallet’s passphrase, keep it VERY safe.  Write it down in a few different places. The process of recovering your wallet is complicated, and it is completely dependent on you having that phrase if you ever need to do so.

3) Fund Your Wallet with Ether

In order to participate, you will need to have some Ether in your wallet. Each wallet has a different way of buying, simply click on the “Fund” (or “Buy ETH”) button and follow the prompts to purchase. We suggest that you buy US$10 worth, which will cover both the $5 purchase and the gas fees (small amount that is added to cover the ETH network overhead, transfer, and wallet fees).

When that’s done, you are ready for our 15 Anguilla Beaches NFTs :-)



Note on Copyright

Similar to owning a Picasso painting, owning an NFT does not transfer copyright or allow for commercial use of the NFT.

For commercial use of our art, please contact us at: nft@anguilla-beaches.com