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Special Anguilla Travel Stories
From Paradise Cove


An e-mail recently popped into my inbox from Sue Ellen, a woman who has been visiting Anguilla for many years now!

She lives in the United States, and after spending so much time in the Caribbean, she, of course has a collection of treasured Anguilla memories and precious Anguilla moments.

Here are two of her very special stories, and a couple of recommendations...

We have been visiting Anguilla since 1988, and like everyone else, cannot get enough of this glorious place!

On our trip in 1991, we were dancing at Johnno's all night, having fun with this lively Anguillian young man named Steve Davis. He needed a ride home to Blowing Point and, since it was in the wee hours of the A.M., we were happy to help out our new friend... we took him home.

Steve told us that he and his family helped run the ferry service at Blowing Point, and that his mother was a well-known baker on the island. He was grateful for the ride, and we had made yet another Anguillian friend.

Several years later, upon our return to Anguilla, we were having dinner at the Ferry Boat Inn and had a beautiful waitress serving us. When I asked her name, she told me, "Evelyn Davis." I asked her if she knew a Steve Davis - and it was indeed her son!

We asked for him and told her the story of how we met at Johnno's and had such a great evening and eventually gave him a ride home. Well, the next day, who should appear at our door at Paradise Cove but Steve Davis himself! And, with two freshly baked "Coconut Tarts" (which were huge pies) made by his sweet mother for us, to thank us for giving her son a ride home several years earlier!

Can you believe that?

We were so touched - yet this is so typical of Anguillian love and hospitality.

On this same visit, a wedding was taking place at Paradise Cove, where we were staying (which has become our home on the island!). Two Anguillians were tying the knot in the Cove's lovely gardens with a reception following around the beautiful pool.

We watched from afar as the families decorated and set up for this wedding. While we were leaving the resort to hang out at Smokey's for lunch and swimming, someone called to us to please know that we were invited to the wedding, to come join in the fun.

We gratefully declined, wished them well, and went on our way. The next day, several "wedding party people" came to our door with favors, flowers and cake from the wedding - we were overwhelmed!

The world could take some lessons in human kindness and hospitality from our friends, the Anguillians. I have many more stories to share, but these have remained two of my favorites through the years.

Oh! Don't forget to visit Mrs. Gumbs under the Tamarind Tree in the Valley on Saturday mornings for her delicious homemade oxtail soup and potato dumpling! Outrageous!

Thank you so very much for the lovely stories, Sue Ellen!

Anguillians can certainly be the most giving, caring, friendliest and nicest people.

We should all take a leaf out of their book!