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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Barnes Bay

Welcome to my "personal favorite," Barnes Bay Beach. Barnes Bay is secluded, unknown even to many islanders. An Anguilla real estate gem, options are limited and high-end.

Let's see where we are...

Barnes Bay

Take the mansions of Beverly Hills. Place them on Malibu Beach. Now move it all to Anguilla.


Barnes Bay
Anguilla Caribbean Mansion

Unlike Anguilla's other beaches which generally only have one or two really spectacular mansions, Barnes Bay is bursting with voluminous villas!

For example, one winter Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal were all neighbors on Barnes Bay.

Want to see where they stayed? Here are some photos from the boat...

DeNiro's Choice
Owned By A Boston Developer
Anguilla mansions

Robin Williams' Choice
The Cerulean
Anguilla Caribbean mansion

Billy Crystal's Hidden Choice
Les Alize
Anguilla Caribbean mansion

Now don't get me wrong, those Anguilla mansions are spectacular! Earth-shattering! Straight from Southern California!

But, it gets better. There's one more...

A mansion that wasn't completed that year when the "whole troupe" was on Barnes Bay. But had it been, they all would have fought over it. Let me show you what I mean...

anguilla beaches

Now that's a mansion.

Are you in the market for $2 million houses (and up!)?

barnes bay

If so, there are plenty of opportunities on Barnes Bay. If not, there are only a very few undeveloped properties on Barnes Bay. And, just to narrow it down further, only one or two could be called "rocky"...

barnes bay

barnes bay

The ultra high end luxury resort, Viceroy Anguilla Resort straddles both Barnes Bay and Meads Bay, with its glamorous 5 bedroom villas gracing the shores of Barnes Bay. This resort truly tops off Barnes Bay, completing a beach already dotted with the most luxurious Anguilla villas. Now, it is home to the ever-stylish and modern Viceroy Anguilla Resort too. As of 2016, the private villas on Barnes Bay are now under management of Four Seasons Anguilla.

The beach is pretty congested, without much room for real estate availability right on the beach.

But with beautiful views and sunsets like this...

anguilla beaches

... well, it might just be worthwhile to investigate and see if there are any empty lots on the beach or further inland.

You can have a closer look at Barnes Bay by watching this video...

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