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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Blackgarden Bay


Welcome to one of the least-visited beaches on the island, Blackgarden Bay! Blackgarden Bay is a snug, rugged, beach, tucked away just to the west of Limestone Bay.

Let's see where we are...

Blackgarden Bay

One thing you should know... this beach is hard to get to. And I do mean hard!

First, it's difficult to find (but shouldn't be a problem with the high scale map). Second of all, buckle your seat belts. You're in for one of the bumpiest rides down to the sea! (We first did all this in our little rented Toyota -- I'm sure our rental car company would faint if they knew! I recommend a 4-wheel SUV for this.)

Once you get there, all your hard work will have paid off! There's a perfect little sandy beach and the tranquil turquoise sea.

The west side of the beach has rocky Anguilla real estate for building. To the east, there are quite a few homes already lining that shoreline. Further east on the cliffside, there is some Anguilla real estate for sale.

Let's take a look at the two houses from beach level...

anguilla beaches

While it's a magnificent area, keep in mind that you may have to bring in your own electricity, or run off solar power like one of the houses here does. And then there's that super-bumpy ride every time you want to go into town.

But if that doesn't bother you, Blackgarden Bay is a tiny hidden gem.

You can see more of it in this video here...

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