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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Blackgarden Bay


Welcome to one of the least-visited beaches on the island, Blackgarden Bay! Blackgarden Bay is a rocky hidden gem, snuggly tucked into Anguilla’s rugged north eastern coastline.

Let's see where we are...

Tucked Into Anguilla’s Rugged Terrain is Blackgarden Bay
Anguilla Blackgarden

One thing you should know... this beach is hard to get to. And I do mean hard!

First, it's difficult to find (but shouldn't be a problem with your Anguilla map). Second of all, buckle your seat belts. You're in for a bumpy ride down to the sea!

Once you get there, all your hard work will have paid off. A perfect little sandy beach and the tranquil turquoise sea awaits you.

Blackgarden Bay is a True Hidden Anguillan Gem
anguilla black garden bay

As far as development goes, this area has seen a number of villas go up over the years.

Immediately east of the beach, there are already quite a few homes lining the shore.

Villas on Blackgarden Bay
anguilla beaches caribbean real estate black garden

Villa Tasha and Villa Kishti are two of the most well known luxury villas on this side of Blackgarden. Go further east past both of these villas and you will find more Anguilla real estate for sale.

Be sure to consider the western side of the beach, too. There are lots of rocky Anguilla real estate opportunities for building...

Development of a New Luxury Villa on Blackgarden's Western Cliff
anguilla black garden development

A sweet strip of sand, beautiful blue waters, and rocky cliffside perfect for building... it's not hard to see why this beach has gained popularity over the years.

Sweet Shores of Blackgarden Bay
black garden bay caribbean real estate anguilla

Getting There

Make your way through North Valley and follow the Villa Kishti road signs. Or, use the Google Map below for the most accurate directions.

Another fun way to get to Blackgarden if you are feeling adventurous: Get to Limestone Bay first, then hike along the rocky beach trail over to Blackgarden Bay. The hiking trails here all lead in the same direction. If in doubt, though, the roar of the waves are an unmistakable compass.

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