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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Blowing Point


Blowing Point is a diverse spot, made up of three separate areas. You have Blowing Point East, which is to the east of the ferry terminal. Blowing Point's Sandy Point is a nice speck of beach to the west of the ferry terminal, which is more tranquil and undisturbed from ferry boats. Blowing Point West, or Cul de Sac, is to the west of Sandy Point, along rocky ocean front.

Let's see where we are on the island...

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Let's start with...

Blowing Point East

Do you have an eye for the spectacular scenery of St. Martin? Well, search no further! Blowing Point East is a just a few steps from the dock to which the ferry to St. Martin departs frequently.

What better views can one ask for? It's the closest bit of Anguilla real estate to the neighboring island you'll get without leaving Anguilla!

But, not only are the views great, the beach is pretty too!

Blowing Point East
Blowing Point East

Just look at the soft sand, and the clear blue, gentle, water! The wooden boats certainly do add to the soft and sweet scenery of this quaint little beach!

Blowing Point East

Although it is all sandy beach here, there is rocky waterfront farther to the east. And of course less expensive land is available just a few hundred yards inland in the village of Blowing Point.

Villa Bramasole at end of Beach
Blowing Point East

Keep in mind this is an older, more developed part of Anguilla.

Sandy Point

Sandy Point divides Blowing Point East from Blowing Point West.

Take a pinch of Blowing Point East, a hint of Blowing Point West, blend well, and you'll find yourself right smack in the middle, enjoying...

Sandy Point
Blowing Point Sandy Point

Sandy Point provides perfect, panoramic views of St. Martin.

And its perfect little point of an ideal beach (hence the name) seems to point your view directly at that magnificent, volcanic, lush green island.

The spit of sand is so soft, and the calm, soothing waters are a favorite swimming place for Anguillian families.

It is also home to our favorite villa on Sandy Point, Beach Escape...

Our family fell in love with Beach Escape Villa many moons ago, based on its location alone.

Mom Enjoying the Sun!

Just look at the shimmering sand, and the brilliant blue water leading over to St. Martin! Talk about a spectacular view, location, and easy access over to "France"!

Splash in the Caribbean sea, enjoy the scenery of St. Martin, watch Anguilla Caribbean ferries come in and out...


When the day's over? Retreat to your Anguilla villa.

Sandy Point's villas are more modern and luxurious than those of Blowing Point East. The area has become more developed, with several nice homes along the shoreline. Soft sandy beach... just steps away!

Looking Out Toward Sandy Point...
anguilla villa rental

In the early days, there were three lots available just west of the tip! (Just behind the photograher, in this shot.) Today, that land has been bought and now is home to a few beautiful villas.

If you like the idea of living just moments from St. Martin, you should check Sandy Point out. Although, today you may have to investigate the availability of properties inland.

The area does have a certain, "Je ne sais quoi!"

Blowing Point West or Cul De Sac

Blowing Point West is known as "Cul-de-Sac." I'm not sure how the French managed to name this area, because it means "dead end."

Maybe it was a joke on the British. Ha! Ha! Because this area is far from being a "dead end." I call it, "Mansion Lane."

Here are just a couple of photos from the boat...

Caribera Villa
Angulla Caribbean Mansion

Villa Paradise
Anguilla Caribbean Mansion

The Cul-De-Sac area ends at the Western end called Lovers' Point.

And what is not to love?

There is no "big beach", but each mansion seems to have its own mini-sandy beach within the many inlets along the shore.

Talk about the perfect (and expensive) setting!

If you're looking for a high-end, populated area, with quick access to the Valley and St. Martin, Blowing Point West just may be for you.

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