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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Katouche Bay


Welcome to the home of Anguilla's rain forest, Katouche Bay. Here you will find a dense, humid rain forest, a mysterious Iguana Cave and the Massara resort too!

Let's see where we are...

Katouche Bay

There's only one beach on all of Anguilla that has both the calm of the beach, and the excitement of rainforests and caves!

Katouche Bay
katouche bay

How would you like to...

A) Take a relaxing swim in the clear, turquoise of Katouche Bay?


B) Go for an invigorating hike through the rainforest and then explore a cave?


C) Simply stay snug in your Anguilla villa up in the Massara resort? It has an amazing location but has trouble staying in business, unfortunately.

We highly recommend "B". What an experience!

Claire Devener, Mom, Yuki and I...
About to Enter the Anguillian Rain Forest!
caribbean real estate

No doubt, Katouche Bay is one of Anguilla's very special hidden spots. One day, someone will purchase the Massara and turn it into a staggering complex of perfect little hillside Anguilla villas.

My dad's has a unique Anguilla real estate idea... on the hills of Katouche.

Here it is...

Overlook of Katouche Bay
anguilla real estate

See those white villas in the hills? That is Massara Resort. Each time we have visited this area, the resort has been almost empty. My dad thinks it might be possible to purchase one as a winter home for a very reasonable price. Jackie Pascher might be able to add some info on Anguilla real estate in this area.

Cliff Surrounding the Bay!
anguilla real estate

Here's what the view looks like from the Massara. I don't know about you, but I could adapt to life here, pretty easily.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to perch your house up on those cliffs on the other side of the bay? Either way, this "home of a rain forest in a desert island" does indeed have some unique Caribbean real estate opportunities.

Watch this video to see more of Katouche Bay...

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