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Anguilla Villa Rentals...
Little Harbour


The red pin (below) is Little Harbour. Zoom in on the Anguilla map for more detail.

Little Harbour

Little Harbour is a peaceful beach, made calm and quiet by a breakwater.

The waters are still, shallow and ideal for an afternoon of relaxing and floating in the sea. While the sandy beach used to be a hot spot, today its shores are abandoned. An old, vacant Anguilla resort still lines the beach's shores like empty shells.

Further out of the bay though, there are many Anguilla villa rentals.

Fletch's Cove

Fletch's Cove anguilla villa rental
Photo Credit: Fletch's Cove

Size: 1 bedroom

Location: On a small, sandy beach.

Description: Fletch's Cove is a one bedroom villa, inspired by the city of Santa Fe. The villa has a Mexican vibe, with stylish furniture, decor and architecural design.

The master bedroom is on the top floor and features a beautiful king sized bed. On the first floor there is a living room, dining room and kitchen, facing St. Martin.

Outdoors you will find a cool swimming pool and a small cabana. If you would prefer to swim in the Caribbean sea, you don't have to go far! A secluded sandy beach that is good for snorkeling, is only a quick walk away.

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Oserian Villa

anguilla villa rental oserian villa

Size: 3 bedrooms

Location: Inland from Little Harbour.

Description: Oserian Villa has one of the most eye-catching designs on the island. Taupe and with wild arches and curves, this single-floor villa is one of a kind.

The villa is located along the sea shore, facing St. Martin, just outside of Little Harbour, tucked inland.

Inside you will find 3 bedrooms and an entertainment center, along with full kitchens (State of the art appliances). The villa has several asian and Caribbean accents and influences.

Outside you will find a large pool and nicely manicured gardens.

Somewhere in between outside and inside, there is a beautiful fireplace! good for those "cool" December nights. ;-)

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Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly anguilla villa rental

Size: 1 bedroom

Location: Inland from Little Harbour, in George Hill.

Description: Little Butterfly is a comfortable and high-end villa set inland.

Just a five minute drive from Little Harbour, Little Butterfly's location is quite central, being in the community of George Hill. Both the Western beaches and Eastern beaches on the island are only a 15 minute drive.

Little Butterfly looks out over St. Martin, and is set in pretty, lush gardens.

The villa itself is nicely decorated and spacious, especially considering that it's a 1 bedroom villa.

A full kitchen, living space with flat screen TV and bedroom with king-size bed. There is plenty of outdoor dining space and even a gym!

Click for more on Little Butterfly villa rental.

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Freedom Villa

freedom villa anguilla rentals

Size: 1-5 bedrooms

Location: Inland of Little Harbour.

Description: Set in George Hill, looking out to the Caribbean sea and St. Martin, this villa is only a short drive from Little Harbour. It is centrally located and very convenient to get to either the East end (Shoal Bay) or Western end (Meads Bay, Rednezvous bay, etc).

The villa features a large living, kitchen and dining area with nice Caribbean-inspired furnishings. This area leads out to a large pool. This room is large and very spacious.

Upstairs you find one of the bedrooms, the master bedroom. Clean and neat, this room is also quite large, with high ceilings, its own balcony and bathroom.

The master bedroom leads out to the villa's second deck (with bar and chairs). This spot is particularly special, capturing beautiful views and breezes.

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Anguilla Shores

Anguilla Shores anguilla villa
Photo Credit: Anguilla Shores

Size: 2 bedrooms

Location: Along the shoreline West of Little Harbour.

Description: The two bedroom villa is a modest Caribbean home, overlooking the Caribbean sea, just moments away from Little Harbour's tranquil beach.

But you won't always need to go to the beach to cool off. The best part of Anguilla Shores? Its terrace!

This Anguilla villa has a huge terrace, complete with space for outdoor dining, lazing around in a hammock and, of course, swimming, swimming, swimming.

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Indigo Villa

Anguilla villas indigo villa
Photo Credit: Little Harbour Estates

Size: 7-9 bedrooms

Location: On the sea-shore, to the West of Little Harbour

Description: The truly spectacular Indigo Villa embraces qualities of a Caribbean home, but adds an extreme level of glamour.

A noticeable feature in this Anguilla villa rental is the fluidity between outdoors and indoors. Giant arched doors are left wide open to allow the Caribbean breeze to travel through the luxurious home.

This design also allows for the villa to better capture and enjoy the views to St. Martin. Step inside and you will find elegant, comfortable furniture.

Venture outdoors and you will discover tropical gardens filled with palm trees, hibiscus and bourgeanvilla. The villa also has a spectacular stone-lined swimming pool.

Each bedroom locks off, affording guests plenty of privacy.

Though not on sandy beach, the villa features a dock that you can jump into the sea from. They have, in a way, recreated the beach, placing sand just before the dock.

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Le Bleu

Anguilla villas le bleu
Photo Credit: Little Harbour Estates

Size: 5-10 bedrooms

Location: On the sea-shore, to the West of Little Harbour

Description: Le Bleu Anguilla villa rental is in a class of its own.

The villa is so expansive it is split into two areas... Le Bleu and Petite Le Bleu.

Le Bleu houses most of the bedrooms (8 bedrooms total - 6 of which are master suites). Here, you will find large and plush outdoor living spaces, with kitchen (chef available too) and dining room.

Petite Le Bleu also has a large dining area, and features two master bedrooms. There is another kitchen and pool, as well.

With views of St. Martin and the Caribbean in the distance, infinity pools and lush green grass in your front yard and swaying palm trees all around, this villa spells glamour and luxury.

Pop stars have called this spot home!

Price: $$$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Coyaba Villa

coyaba villa anguilla

Size: 3-6 bedrooms

Location: On the beach.

Description: Attention large families! Coyaba Villa will be able to accommodate you.

Apart from having six bedrooms, the villa also has two large main rooms, and a large pool area and terrace.

The villa totals 9000 square feet.

The villa's grounds spread out from the deck and down to well kept, lush gardens with hammocks and chaises to lounge in.

Only fifty yards away there is a small, sandy, tranquil beach.

When traveling in groups large enough to fill this villa, you will have plenty of room to yourself and many places to escape to!

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