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Attending Medical School in Anguilla

by Aaron
(Illinois, U.S.A.)

St. James Medical School

St. James Medical School

I am most likely going to start at Saint James Medical School in September. I'm trying to find all the information I could possibly need to make this possible. To get an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish, here's the story.

I am moving to Anguilla to attend medical school. I have a 75lb lab retriever that I love like a daughter and don't want to leave her.

My girlfriend wishes to move with me. She will need to work. She is a masseuse and bartender. She wants to work. Will she need a work permit?

I will not have to work, but would like the option to do so. Can I provide services without a work permit? Also, is a passport sufficient if I will only be there for a year and 4 months?

I apologize for the barrage of questions, but I'm currently getting my information from a rep that lives in Illinois.

If you could just tell me the mandatory steps I need to take to live there, that would be great!

Dad's Reply: Aaron, first let me wish you a successful experience attending medical school in Anguilla. I have heard some good words about the school. And, as a physician myself, allow me one piece of (unrequested) advice...

Enjoy Anguilla, but excel at your studies. Some students tend to get a little too caught up in the lifestyle. Anguilla is an idyllic place to vacation, live, work... and go to med school! But don't mix up the concepts of hard studying at med school with what we are best known for... "vacations." :-)

OK, let's answer your questions!

1) Bringing your dog to Anguilla:

The correct part of government to contact is the Agricultural Department. Email them or phone them at (264) 497-2615. Ask for a form for pet importation.

You will need to provide basic info about your dog, a health certificate from a vet, and documentation about recent vaccinations. There will be a small processing fee.

You should have no problem with bringing your pet to Anguilla. Don't leave this for the last minute, though, since the wheels don't always turn super-fast in the Caribbean!

I suggest checking in with AARF (Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation) ((264) 497–4600) regarding local pet health issues and if what preventative health measures are suggested.

2) Girlfriend and Work:

This will be a problem. Work permits are not usually given to those who seek jobs that Anguillians could do. If she has computer skills and can work remotely for someone outside of Anguilla, many people do work "off the radar" in this manner.

Otherwise, though, getting a "real job" in Anguilla is not likely.

3) Your Passort:

It's not clear what you are asking (regarding "is a passport sufficient"), but your passport is not going to be enough to get you a job. You likely have the same issues as your girlfriend here.

Do check with the school though if you are asking if you need any other permit to live in Anguilla for 16 months, the duration of attendance. Actually, rather than using a rep, the school must have a liaison officer who can help you, especially concerning your final question...

4) Steps That You Need To Take To Live Here:

This is outlined elsewhere in this section of the site. Pretty much every topic is covering for moving to Anguilla and living here.

There is a wealth of information in this part of the website, such as the best way to find the best apartments available at the cheapest price possible. Read the questions that others have had. Some are related to St. James Medical School, such as this one about length of stay for those visiting you and another on finding long-term accommodations.

Even if the questions are not from medical students, though, many of the situations will apply to you. Follow the advice in this section of the site and you should be fine.

Once you have refreshed yourself with all the information here, you may conclude that you can do this better on your own (with a little local help as explained in some of the articles). I don't think that most students would need "outside help" (unless that help is someone officially designated by St. James, of course).

Good luck with your medical studies in Anguilla!

(For anyone interested in more information about the school itself, here is the catalog for Anguilla's medical school.)

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Jun 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the great advice and fast response! I can't wait to live there. Cheers!

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